• I’m continually amazed at what we acquire over the years, both as individuals and as a group/family. Then, of course, a la George Carlin, we now need places to put our stuff. Ironically, I now need places to put my places. Nice collection Marilyn.., let me know if you need any bags, backpacks, cases, shelves, boxes, containers or anything to put stuff in.., I’ve got some extras?


        • And I have extra stuff. A LOT of extra stuff. And I already gave away and/or sold a ton of stuff, but it’s like there’s always more. It’s like a clown car in which you can fit an unlimited number of clowns. My stuff expands to fill all available spaces, so I’m better off not getting any more space. It would just fill right up. Instantly.


  1. I really like the variety, the colours and the sense of history/untold tales in these images, Marilyn: very enticing. xxx


    • I used to have an online antiques and collectibles store (Kismet). A lot of the stuff I use every day are left overs. I sometimes forget they aren’t things you can buy in Walmart πŸ™‚


    • Funny because these are truly the ordinary things I have around the house. Maybe I just take them for granted since many of them are antiques left over from when I had an online collectibles and antique store, but now they are part of daily life … Thanks πŸ™‚


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