Hail Mary?

Sudden Shifts – At the beach, enjoying the sun, nibbling on watermelon. Within seconds, the weather shifts and hail starts descending form the sky. What happens next?

I should be writing. Processing pictures. At least be going to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee. I need more coffee.

I should be packing up our stuff to go to the beach. I promised the kids we’d go today, but the forecast calls for hail. Bullets from heaven. Buckshot of the gods.


I can’t seem to move. Or think. My head is stuffed with cotton wool. Hey, remember cotton wool? Fuzzy, sort of rough? We used it to stuff things, right? Maybe we used it to clean things. Whatever.

After the long day yesterday, I can’t seem to quite wake up. Beach. Blanket. Thermal bag full of sandwiches. Do we have any cold cuts? Soft drinks? Bread. The Hell with it, we’ll buy hot dogs.

Towels. Suntan lotion. An umbrella bright with stripes. Do we still have the umbrella? Oh, right, it’s under the deck. Probably full of bugs. Spiders. Never mind. I’ll skip that.

Does my bathing suit still fit? It looked hideous last year. I looked hideous last year. Bet I won’t look any better this year. At least not in a bathing suit. Do I have a kaftan somewhere under which I could hide? No?

Let me get that cup of coffee and think about this some more.


I hear they had hail on a beach in Russia. Glad I’m not Russian because I can’t run … even with hail falling. Does that make it a Hail Mary? Sorry. It’s that kind of day.

I think I’ll watch that Sox game. Where’s the remote?

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

24 thoughts on “Hail Mary?”

  1. So much work getting ready to go, easy to say to heck with it.

    PS I already tried out my swimming suit from last year and it still fits well. Not saying I look great, but it does fit well, so, whew!


    1. Mine probably fits, but my body is such a mess. It’s not merely fat. It’s scars, deformations from using so many replacement parts. I look okay in clothing, but horrible when you can really see me. The scars alone are pretty awful.


      1. I think it’s the Sox this afternoon. Game’s just starting. My body is also unhappy with me…but no comparison with your “discomfort”.


  2. You have covered well the stress of the beach days. We had been there and done that and now I just sit outside on the covered patio relaxing in a chair. On the rainy days I either go slug hunting in the garden or read a book.


    1. Yup. All the hauling, the sandwiches which are always full of sand and soggy when you get to them. Sunburn. The bathing suit that’s a visible reminder of how decrepit I am. It’s no pleasure to go out and have people look and actually appear to feel sorry for that poor old lady with all the scars — not to mention the big visible scar over my heart which EVERYONE notices, even if I’m wearing a slightly low-cut tee-shirt. No, thanks. I’ll stay right here. With the husband, the dogs. Garry can buy some hot dogs at the grocery. Some potato salad and cole slaw too. We’ll watch the game, cheer for the Sox and be glad we live in the country!


  3. I think it’s a “Hail Marilyn” ! It is raining here but no hail yet. The laundry has been on the line for two days now. I’m going to wait it out.


    1. I was never much of a beach baby. Too fair. I always got torched. By the time they finally invented sun screen, I’d about had enough of sand and sun. And every single time I’ve spent time on the beach (last time during a cruise, in Haiti), I got torched again. Despite tee shirts, cover-ups and sunscreen. Some of us were designed for shade. I am one of them.


      1. Yu wrote about hail? I just watched a Russian YouTube posted on the Daily Post that was about sudden hail on a beach, it went from funny to really scary!


        1. Hail can be really devastating. It can destroy cars, crops, buildings, people, animals. It can get as big as golf balls and be as hard and heavy. We’ve never had serious hail here, but we’ve had the little stuff. That was bad enough.


          1. Yes, I’ve seen plenty of hail in my life but nothing like the YouTube video they posted on The Daily Post. Check it out!


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