With all the agonizing going on, it was a wonder we actually got out of the house and made it to the party. But we did. I’m glad.


We don’t get out nearly enough, though I hope that will gradually change over the next few months. It’s difficult.


I get tired quickly and almost every place we go takes hours of driving. Nothing is local.


It was a lovely, friendly party with good food. A great old house with lots of character on an unusually cool and pleasant July afternoon. No one got drunk and stupid.


Everyone was dressed casually. No one was there to impress anyone else. Which is more unusual than you might think.


And no one was trying to hit us up for money. It’s futile anyway. We don’t have any money.



    • It was good. Especially because we don’t get out often and sometimes get a little squirrelly from being together alone so much of the time. Well, there are dogs. Quite a few dogs. You can talk to dogs, but mostly, they don’t talk back 🙂

      Thanks for the comments and most of all, for the conversation. I needed that!!


  1. Looks like a lovely time. With barriers to getting out and about, I am glad you two overcame and were able to get out and enjoy yourselves. It looks like a fun party!


  2. I’m glad WE got out! If we had a driver, these rare outings would be even more fun. But that’s a minimal complaint acknowledging that driving these days takes a lot of the wind out of my sails. Nice party, very enjoyable people. I never intend to get into my “war stories” but once I’m “made” (recognized), it becomes inevitable. But the conversations with these “civilians” were varied and very enjoyable. I think I may have made a new friend with one gentleman who lives in a neighboring town. He seems like the “buddy” type. I made it a point to thank our hostess several times for inviting us. She was very concerned about you and whether you were having a good time. She is a sweet lady! She’s also a rarity. A friendship that has endured beyond our years as colleagues in the tv news biz.


    • Shingles of that kind (technically, cedar shakes) are traditional all up and down the New England coastline and down into the beachy areas in New York, New Jersey and maybe even Virginia and the Carolinas. They are resistant to bugs and salt spray and it’s easy to replace sections if they get damaged by storms. Never seen them on the west coast, though. I suspect they use redwood out there since it’s indigenous to the region.

      The party was friendly and relaxing … something as rare as hen’s teeth amongst parties and party goers, especially since “our crowd” is usually the “we used to be somebody” crowd. Nice that this was NOT that crowd. There were just a few, like Garry … and all but one are no long in “show business.”


    • I first saw it and said “Wow, it looks like golf course.” Then I realized it IS a golf course. Their yard backs onto one of the local country club’s greens. And no, they aren’t members and don’t use it.


        • Apparently they are far enough off the course to not have yet had a golf ball hit anything, though you never know. I don’t think I would want to be on anyone’s golf course except my own and I don’t play golf. I’m feeling like I felt yesterday, but so is Garry, so we are now contemplating the possibility that we have some kind of bug … but that doesn’t explain the wires trying to poke through my skin. That’s a separate issues, to be addressed tomorrow. Thanks for asking 🙂


  3. So glad you went to the party, Marilyn – and that you enjoyed it too! Great to hear. The place looks lovely. Sounds as if it was just what you both needed. xxx


  4. Think I might have seen ya there! I was the drunk and stupid one, poorly dressed for the occasion, but surely had a hella good time. Good.For.YOU. Out and about never hurts too much. 😉


    • It would have been hard to dress wrong for this one. There were some seriously creative outfits, but somehow, it all worked. And it wasn’t a boozy shindig, for which I was grateful. I really hate parties full of drunks. I’m rarely comfortable at any party, but I was at this one.

      Yes, it WAS good to get out of the house, wear the dress I bought at the beginning of summer and still had tags. Even with a long drive and heavy traffic, definitely worthwhile.


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