On Bees and Efs

I’ve had the same best friend for more than 40 years. I hope we live forever, so we can always be friends. She’s the one who knows me. She makes the sun shine for me.

Cherrie and Marilyn

I know her. We make each other laugh. We put up with each other’s tantrums, sympathize — empathize — with one another’s illnesses, worries, pain. Family crises. Quirks and weird idiosyncrasies.

We’ve know each other so long and so well, and survived such long separations, we don’t need to explain stuff. We know. We get each other.

Sometimes we talk daily. And then, weeks may pass without a phone call or email. It doesn’t matter. We haven’t forgotten.

We could never forget. Not while there’s life in the body and electrical impulses in the brain.

16 thoughts on “THROUGH FAIR AND FOUL

  1. I have never had a best friend. I do have friends, even close ones, but no BFF. Lucky you that you have managed to maintain that relationship over the years!


  2. Losing that BFF after almost fortysome years almost made me stop trying. Exquisitely know the pain of it. Tried a couple of times since to have a reprise with mucho fail. My bad. One cannot repeat priceless schtuff. Even when the need is still there. My bad, for ever believing one could have two magical relationships in a lifetime. Lonely for that “other” does tend to make one think illogically. Spock, ya hearin’ me? 😉

    Blessed are you, Mrs. A, for still having it. Cherish it. ’tis a once-in-a-lifetime connection that most will never have. Believed at one point…maybe it would’ve been better to have never loved then lost. Shame on me. Pain of loss can cause only so much da’nile. After that, one puts the big boots on and just keeps walking.

    Ahem… obviously, hit a chord I visit often. Cheers to you, and yours. And gracias, for making me think tonight.


    • Losing a friend is the same as losing a mate. I could never replace this connection. I can barely find anyone I want to talk to, much less be a best friend. I think we do our bonding when we are young because by the time we are mature, there’s so much baggage … and we can’t even begin to explain it all. Even to ourselves.


  3. We’re all lucky if we have one true friend like this in our lifetime. My best friend of this caliber just returned to South Carolina with his bride. I was so blessed to be able to see him again and know that nothing has changed. We’re just as tight as we were back in South Carolina. We’ve been through the good and bad times together and came out tighter than blood brothers. You are indeed fortunate to have such a friend Marilyn!


  4. That is lovely, Marilyn, and as good a definition of best friendship as any I can think of. Great photo too – made me smile! xxx


    • I think all great friendships are similar. There’s that sense that you need not explain yourself. Your friend gets you and you get her. That’s the bottom line. And in this life, it is so rare.


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