The Ray Bradbury Noun List Twist

My list? A shiny scroll, vacuum taffy, a cake, a tool box, armor, a rainbow turtle, a bottle, a bottle of Allergone, a laser. I shall use the first seven of these nine items, with modifying adjectives to make them part of the narrative. It’s a magical adventure in the woods … or at least the beginning of one …

sun and misty woodsIt’s misty in the forest. I was hanging loose, on my recliner with the laptop. The ballgame was playing on the television, I mentally drifting, lazily thinking about supper. What I would cook. When.

Then I drifted into a trance. Just a light trance — which brought me to the forest. I didn’t do it on purpose exactly, but sometimes the magic gets loose and does its own thing.

Not sure how far from home I am. For all I know, I could be in my back yard. Can’t see farther than the trees and mist blocking my view.

I’m here for a reason, but what?

I’ve brought stuff with me. The most interesting item is a shiny scroll. Not mine. I just found it in my hand. I’m sure it’s magical. Without a power source, it’s glowing. I bet when I open it will contain instructions, or at least an explanation.

I’ve brought some favorite goodies — a half pound of vacuum-packed salt water taffy and a boxed 7-layer cake. I would have brought water, but it’s bulky and heavy. There’s usually water in the woods anyhow. In fact, I can hear water, probably a stream no more than a couple of hundred feet away. I will head towards it in just a moment.

I bought my spelling toolbox. I grabbed it as I left home. It’s my version of a magician’s top hat. I can keep putting stuff in, but it never gets unwieldy or too full.

small bottleI’m wearing armor too, just to be on the safe side. It attaches itself to me as soon as I begin a magical adventure. It knows. An old hobbit buddy of mine gave it to me when he went to the Grey Havens. It’s almost weightless, far stronger than Kevlar. Mithril. You can’t buy it anymore, not even on Amazon.

I packed my rainbow porcelain turtle. I keep it full of useful spells. I never know what I’ll need … or when. And my little golden bottle. It looks empty. but it really contains a tiny genie who can slip silently into any crevice, no matter how small.

Now, I think I’ll follow the sound of that water. When I get there, I’ll have a little something to drink, a bit of cake or taffy. Open the scroll, see what I’ll be doing for the next bit of time.

Magic is rich with the unexpected.

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24 replies

  1. I enjoyed your list, your story, and the photos. Thanks for the pleasant diversion.


  2. Very well written! Will there be another installment?


  3. Loved this! And, did you change your font or is that my computer? Either way, I like it. 😀 I think this could easily be FP’d! 🙂


    • Thank you for being the ONLY person to notice that I’ve changed my template. It’s a different font and a new theme, though I grant you it’s very similar to the previous one. Actually, it’s a lot like yours. May even be the same as yours but I have a customization package so i can mess around with colors and fonts. But you are the ONLY person, including Garry, to notice the change.


  4. I like the idea of Bilbo looking for Mithril armour on Amazon 🙂 “Out of stock.”


    • But available from these other sellers (not eligible for Prime). “Dubious Seller”, condition, Very Good …Almost invisible nicks and minor bloodstains …

      The adverts could be a story by themselves.


  5. Excellent. Today, I met a lady named Mrs. Vowel. Someone needs to write a story about her.



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