Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Earth or the Harvest Season

I do so love the autumn. From the crisp smell in the air, to the amber color of the sun, to the huge harvest moon as it hangs over us. I wait every year for autumn to come and mourn its departure. It is never long enough. If it lasted all year, it would then, finally, be long enough!

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  1. Great photos for the challenge.
    What a colorful time of year!


  2. I just can’t bear to think of Fall just yet … I’ve got to get a LOT more out this Summer.
    Though I’m eager to hit a few of the Markets.


  3. Exactly! Fall is my most favorite time of year! It is so full of drama, from the sites of colors to the smells of cool rain, the sounds of leaves rustling under our footsteps and climate changes. I agree, 365 days a year would be lovely! 😀


  4. I was so hoping someone who show off a pumpkin harvest and you did in a bright brilliant way. Thanks Marilyn 🙂


    • Thank you. I had to hold myself in check. I have a great many pumpkin photos … hundreds? thousands? Every autumn, we go pumpkin hunting. We buy one huge one for the house. The rest we photograph and they live on forever on the hard drives of our life.


  5. Really nice post Marilyn. I love the photographic slideshow and really love the quality photographs in it. Wish I was smart enough to make a slideshow presentation! Maybe some day.


    • It’s a WordPress function. When you go to “Insert Media” in any post, you get the option to “Create Gallery.” There are a lot of ways to display a gallery — you need to upload or select at least five pictures to make a mosaic gallery (it doesn’t tell you that, but I will). The default setting is “tiled mosaic” and it will put images together however they fit — sometimes you have to play around with positioning until it looks right.

      There are other settings for the gallery, one of which is slide show (the others are square tiles and circles, but I don’t like the way they look). Slide Show displays your pictures, however many you select — from 2 to ?? — into a slide show automatically. If you want to show a LOT of pictures, it’s a better format than a mosaic. Not so cluttered. Also it works well with music. Try it. I use them all the time 🙂


  6. OMG–can’t wait for fall! It’s not that I don’t like summer, but that feeling right when summer turns is my favorite on the wheel. 🙂


    • I’m really enjoying summer this year. It’s an exceptional summer. Warm, sunny, not too hot. Not much rain. Low humidity. But fall will come and it is indeed MY favorite season. Just much too short 🙂


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