Unlikely Pairing – Bacon and chocolate, caramel and cheddar… Is there an unorthodox food pairing you really enjoy? Share with us the weirdest combo you’re willing to admit that you like — and how you discovered it.

Unorthodox food pairing? What, pray tell, would orthodox be? Is there a dogmatic approach to food consumption of which I am unaware?

spices in the kitchenI don’t put sugar on my eggs, or eat bacon with my ice cream. I don’t eat bacon at all, really. It’s unhealthy, despite it having become terribly (and I said terribly with intentional punniness) trendy.

I’m a food conservative. If you need to put a classification on my relationship to cuisine. I’m in favor of not mixing it all up into a gloppy mess. If I’ve taken the trouble to cook three or four components to create a meal — perhaps chicken limone, garlic mashed potatoes, and fresh asparagus with a hint of butter sauce — I want to be able to taste each part of the meal separately. I want YOU to taste each of them separately, too. If you are one of those people who likes to mix everything into one yucky heap, I will sit across the table and glare malevolently at you until you finally ask me what’s wrong.

I will then tell you. In considerable detail, probably far more detail than you wanted to hear.  If you argue, I will explain the intricacies of the preparation — not to mention the labor I put into producing these gourmet delights.  And how by mixing them, you have nullified my efforts and personally offended me.

Telling me something like “But that’s the way I like it” will win you an invitation to go buy an everything pizza downtown. You are not worthy of my table. If you have, perchance, put ketchup on it, back away from the table and leave quietly before I kill you.

I guess the answer is that I don’t eat weird combinations of foods because I like every dish in its proper place on plate and palate.

Should I apologize for this? I don’t think so.


  1. The two most interesting combos of which I’ve heard involved peanuts. A friend of mine loves peanut butter and tomato sandwiches, and somebody else told me about putting peanuts in Coca-Cola (to get a salty/sweet taste). Maybe it’s a Southern thing?

    I’ve never tried either, but I’d like to sometime. I personally like peanut butter and banana sandwiches — protein and good carbs at the same time.


    1. We are non-peanut butter people, but I know a lot of people who like peanut butter and bananas. I like combinations of salty and sweet, the more subtle the better. Spicy and sweet too, like jalapeno pepper jelly and crystallized ginger. But mostly, I’m pretty much a purist.

      Peanut butter in coke? Seriously?


            1. Garry and I are a great team. I know history and nature (science) stuff — and every board and card game in the world. HE knows entertainment (boy does he ever) and sports. We are all of us pretty solid in literature, though less so for recent stuff. Not bad in music (but not current). The three of us might just be unbeatable!!


  2. This made me laugh. I agree though… If you make three separate dishes… You should taste three separate things. Though… I will admit… I don’t mind a good casserole…


  3. Good, that takes care of the food when I visit. I am also not keen on mixed messes, and I could always bring my own bacon or ham if necessary. I don’t go in a big way for peanut butter, but I cook everything in butter. Your spice selection looks similar to mine.


  4. I’m not a crazy food mixer (or bacon eater) either, but I do enjoy the taste of sweet and salty things, as well as sweet and spicy. My husband does the food mixing thing, I don’t glare at him, but I don’t look too closely at his gross plate, either! 🙂


  5. The one thing I like my husband shivers at is cottage cheese and pecans. This is delicious to me. If I am cooking, however, I am very much like you: If I have gone to the time to prepare more than one item, I want you to taste what is on your plate.


    1. It sounds good to me. I might want fruit in it too. Growing up, cottage cheese was sort of like bread. It was the basis of all kinds of dishes. With fruit, nuts, wheat germ, whatever. Sour cream, too. It never occurred to me until I grew up and moved to my own place that you might put whipped cream on fruit. I always used sour cream. I still do.


  6. I’m a Food Conservative myself. I think I might start a political party: The Food Conservatives. I figure I’ll get a lot of votes.
    My gal, Rose, unfortunately is not a food conservative. She can’t make a omelette without putting 5 things in it. Or seven. Or buy bread that tastes good. If it tastes good it must be bad for you I guess. Sometimes I throw my lunch away and go to Arby’s.


    1. I was married to someone like that and he had a really bad temper, so there was no way to tell him that I really didn’t want carrots in my eggs.They were like pieces of rock. He just threw everything into everything. Yuck.


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