old number 2

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two years since I visited my favorite old fire engine. He’s right where I last saw him. In the vacant area across from the post office.

old number two 2

Harder to spot him from the road, now because the bushes and brush have grown around him. Enclosing him tightly in overhanging branches, wildflowers and weeds closing around his old tires.

old number two 2 gauges

There’s a little memorial nearby in memory of lost firefighters, the Worcester fireman and the 9/11 first responders. And a few locals, too. I don’t know if anyone but me visits any more.

old number 2 two side view

Old Number 2, with all his memories, is slowly being forgotten by everyone. Except, I guess, me.

old number two 2 wheel



  1. Looks like it’s getting ready for those TV ads where they smear this miracle Simonize wax on it and make it shine like new. 🙂


    • Poor old number 2 will never go anywhere again. And I think he is well past wax, though he’s still pretty solid. At least they didn’t put him in a scrapyard. He is being allowed to gently rust away down the road from the firehouse where he worked for so many years.


      • I like the way my friends at the Jim Dandy treat their old farm vehicles, turning them into attractive planters for their produce and flowers. The Camp 18 Restaurant folks turn them into part of a logging museum visitors can roam through in the grounds behind the restaurant. They live on and remain productively useful.


        • Yes. That’s the way it goes in the country. Honorable retirement for trucks and working vehicles that have served their time. They get a field to slowly rust in. People get sentimental about these old beasts. Me too.


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