The Mirror Crack’d – You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change?

selfie in gray teeNo mirrors? How about a shiny car bumper or the reflection in a shop window or do you posit the loss of all reflections of every kind everywhere?

Vanity will out. Those who need to study their reflection will find a way. As for me, I think I would be just as happy to not have mirrors. We don’t have many even now. Just the standard ones over the bathroom sinks so I can do my hair and Garry can shave and not cut himself.

I’m not sure I ever spent a lot of time hovering around mirrors. Probably more when I wore makeup and when we go out, I still give a final look in the mirror to make sure things are aligned properly, my hem isn’t caught in my waistband, and I don’t have toilet paper stuck to the sole of my shoe … or some other equally embarrassing thing.

I could as easily just ask my husband if I look okay and he would tell me if I need fixing.

I don’t think my self-perception has much to do with mirrors — or ever did. Maybe smoke and mirrors in the sense of illusion and magic.

Many years ago, I went to camp in Maine for a couple of weeks with a bunch of friends. About half way through, someone asked if anyone had a mirror. No one had brought a mirror. There were 8 of us and there wasn’t a mirror amongst us. Maybe that’s your answer. Not necessarily the answer you were expecting.

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  1. I felt such a kinship while reading this piece. My mother would always say, “I could dress Susanne in anything and she’d never complain.” Now I see the photos of knee-length shorts covered in watermelon prints and granny jumpers on my pre-teen body and I wish I’d cared a little more! Thanks for the lovely writing, as always.

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    • I feel your pain. Between the braces on my teeth, the frizzy hair, and clothing so out of synch with the other girls, I think I looked like someone from another (very unfashionable) planet. I never got fashionable, but at least I learned what I like and what looked good on me. I’m still wearing essentially the same styles I was wearing at 16 🙂

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  2. About the time I think I’ve got my act together I discover I’m at the zoo wearing jogging shorts under my blue jeans instead of underwear. Oops! Humbled again! 🙂


  3. I saw a pic of me that Rose took on our holiday and I look exactly like my father. I’m even in a posture he used to adopt. Frankly, he’s not exactly the first person in the universe I’d want to look like, but I guess there’s no escaping some of these things.
    I think I’ll buy a mirror with a image of Charlton Heston super-imposed in it.


    • I look exactly like my mother. It’s almost eerie. Sometimes, I catch my image out of the corner of an eye, wave and say “HI mom!” No. You can’t escape. My son looks so much like his father these days I sometimes do a doubletake.


  4. I’m the same way about mirrors. The only time I use ’em is when I dye my hair, and that’s to make sure I don’t have dye on my face — it’s such a bitch to get off.


    • Dishwashing liquid (like Dawn) will usually remove it. Now … the towels … I stopped dying my hair 5 or 6 years ago … and the towels still have dye on them!


      • I have one towel that I use. I call it my “murder towel” because it looks like I have blood stains all over it. I dye my hair red/auburn. 🙂


        • I don’t know. Whatever color I was using, it always shows up as dark brown on the towels 🙂 And NOTHING removes those stains. What I really hated was when it dribbled onto my neck (leopard neck!) and into the china sink. Shadows of my dye will live on forever.

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  5. I see that is one of your studio pictures. I checked to see if you were dressed OK and yes it’s perfect. I still havn’t got the hang of selfies. Just had a visit from son No. 2 and showed him the new makeover for the garden. What did he do? He took his phone and did a garden selfie. I told him I have plenty of photos online of the new garden, but he said he prefers his own. Must have made a mistake in his upbringing.


    • Lacking really long arms, the thing for which I mostly need a mirrors is for selfies. No one seems to be able to take a picture of me I don’t hate — except me. Maybe your son suffers the same problem? Or you brought him up wrong. Whatever 🙂

      The trick to mirror photography is only DON’T USE THE FLASH 🙂


  6. I doubt I’d notice the lack of mirrors.
    Anyway, isn’t the modern version of the mirror the “selfie”? I thought the thing to do these days before going out was to take a selfie, post it on the interwebs and wait for the world to decide if “those shoes go with this outfit”.


    • I think my generation prefers to make sure things match before going public. I wouldn’t bother taking my own picture if someone besides me could take one that doesn’t make me look like the thousand year-old hag! Maybe that’s how I look, but I don’t have to LIKE it.


  7. This may be one of my rare no shave days. No further details needed.

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