All the other flowers are finished. The day lilies are just a memory. A few straggler roses cling to the bushes, but their time has past.


The hosta are in blooming, though. Not known for their flowers, hosta are the plants that will grow even in deep shade. But if you give them a little sunshine … they make flowers. Pretty blue flowers.



  1. Mine are blooming the same blue flowers too! As a matter of fact, I just noticed a few hummingbirds feeding from them. I never knew they liked Hosta flowers! I’m ready for the colors and temps of Fall now.


    • I think all hosta flowers are the same, no matter what shape the leaves are. I think all hosta are the same basically, except for leaf shape. Hummingbirds seem to like any flower that’s sort of bell shaped and a dark color, though I think they favor the purple through red color range. They used to love my fuchsia.

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    • Yes indeed, though the flowers from all of the types are basically similar. The ones I am growing in the woods where they get no directly sunlight don’t flower, but they grow and spread anyhow. Great, hardy plants!

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