“When the corn is high.” It has a ring to it. Having corn fields in the neighborhood definitely improves property values and gives us the opportunity for the ultimate summer treat — fresh corn on the cob.


This one windmill probably produces enough electricity to power the farm all year round.

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  1. That is so cool. Great photos.

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  2. Those mills. A simple practical design that has endured.
    Love our corn here too.

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    • It’s such a short season. I try to get as much local produce as I can for the four weeks (approximately) it’s available. It’s really good.


    • We are seeing more and more of these windmills locally. Most are the newer style, longer blade on higher towers, but the farmers seem to like these old-style ones. Either one will generate a surprising amount of electricity, even when there’s very little wind. I wish we had one … we could stop worrying about the electric bills and company. We have the land, but no open space to put it. Too many trees.


      • I don’t know more people don’t use them. I don’t why I don’t use them. We have looked at solar panels a couple of times. I wonder if they work under the snow?


        • I think these are a bit expensive for most private home owners — and also, require more physical space. We have the land, but it’s almost entirely wooded, making it unsuitable. And we are poor. There’s that, too.

          They must work in snow because they are all over New England and we get PLENTY of snow.


    • Corn is still a favorite except for the teeth cleaning process. Thank you!


  3. My little 5 acre hobby farm is surrounded on 2 sides by Monsanto feed corn, so I don’t have quite the same relationship with it as you, although I like when it’s so high that I can’t see beyond it (right now!) Another benefit is that all the wildlife (birds and small mammals) like hanging out on my side of the fence. Luckily my neighbor practices crop rotation. I think oats will be planted next year!

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  4. Love the windmill, Garry. We all need them – our own or community shared. This chimes with the post I’ve just written on a piece of ‘small is beautiful’ technology.

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