pottery Qianlong-1736The diggers will find more remnants of the dogs than us. Dog toys, dishes, food. Mountains of dog hair.

When they come to our stuff, they will suspect we were archaeologists too. What a strange mix of ancient and modern. Very old Chinese and other Asian pottery and artifacts. Toys from a hundred years before.

And the mix of technologies: digital cameras and photographic prints, computers. Oil lamps and a woodstove. Electric lights and linoleum floors.

Fireplaces and logs.

Carved wooden cabinets, modern upholstery, hand-hooked rugs.

Glass and plastic.

Copper kettles and microwave ovens.

Acoustic guitars and an electric piano. Wood flutes and recorded DVDs and CDs. Thousands of paper books, but also odd little computers for reading.

Not a single flying car.

New and old. Perhaps after all a realistic picture of who we were, at least in terms of the stuff we needed and the toys with which we played.

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  1. Well written! Nice read……….
    And I agree about wrong dates ….I guess we have got some dates wrong as well!


    • I don’t mind us getting the dates wrong. That’s inevitable. It’s the assumptions we make about the purpose of stuff we find. Why does it have to have religious significance? Why not artistic? Of fun? Entertaining? We are so busy assigning SIGNIFICANCE … we forget that people also just ARE.

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  2. Perhaps they found some manuals on how to use a vacuum cleaner signed by you. You will be famous but they will have to think about what a vacuum cleanere was.


  3. No robots, then?


  4. They may be scratching their heads wondering where you all came from and when. I enjoyed reading the lists of old and new items.


    • I’ll make a bet humans have always collected stuff from the past. I wonder how many serious errors this has caused when interpreting finds in digs? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


      • Yes it does. I’m with you… I think humans have always collected. Guess we will never know how many historical “facts” were recorded.


        • I wonder if the scientists who base their theories of human cultural evolution on the artifacts they find ever consider that we are all hard-wired to collect old things? And how much of the results are wrong because no one ever says “Look! An ancient collectible! I’ll bet they kept this on their mantle because it’s so pretty.”


  5. First thing that came to my mind: The mountains of dog hair and some crumbled dog biscuits.


  6. They will be able to open a museum displaying vintage collection. Nice, crisp one.



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