Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 28

lobster traps hyannisport docks

This week’s entries are leftovers. Pictures I took and forgot about.

fishing hyannisport

I take a lot of pictures. It’s partly a hangover from the days of film, when every shot cost money to process. I’m thrilled to be able to take a lot of pictures without sending them out for processing.

Who doesn't feel a compelling need to take pictures of the person taking pictures?

Who doesn’t feel a compelling need to take pictures of the person taking pictures?

I take about three times as many pictures as makes sense. But, to contradict myself, I’m often glad I’ve over shot my mark. Those spare pictures come in handy.

72-HyannisHarbor-ZS19- new_01

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  1. You know, a lot of times, some of the best pictures we take are the ones that we didn’t expect much from… ones that in those olden days of real film, we probably wouldn’t have even wasted a precious shot on. I’m so happy for digital “film” now, so that I can take 100 pictures of a squirrel to get one that is truly worth showing off!


  2. I love looking through your photographs and am happy that you take “too many” because they are so pleasant!


    • I’m so afraid I might miss a shot, I just shoot. Since it’s not film … but I remember coming home from Arizona with thousands of photographs. It took me years to merely sort through them, much less process them. And so many of them look exactly the same 🙂 But I always have a few spares!

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  3. My favorite must be that of Garry. You two are sweet. 🙂


    • If you go taking pictures together, there’s something irresistible about taking pictures of each other taking pictures. This one is better than most. Garry’s taken dozens of me, but Garry is more photogenic.


  4. These are great odd balls. I like Garry the best 🙂 Your first shot is wonderful too!

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  5. Great leftovers!


    • It was like finding some folding money in those jeans you haven’t worn for a while 🙂

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      • Yep, I hear ya there! What a great find. 🙂


        • I have so many pictures, for all I know there are thousands of hidden treasures. Every once in a while, I stumble on a whole folder full of pictures I don’t remember taking. It’s my version of hidden treasure 😀


          • That is definitely a hidden treasure! I also love taking pictures and usually bring my camera wherever I go. It’s the times I leave my camera at home that I regret, invariably there is a great pic I missed. Maybe I should carry my camera like I do my wallet. 🙂


            • I do carry one all the time these days. It makes my bag kind of heavy, but I have been grateful often and gotten a lot of pictures I’d otherwise have missed. The problem was finding a compact camera that would give me good quality, had a long telephoto on it, and wasn’t ridiculously heavy — or expensive. I’m happy with my current (and previous) camera. I wish it were lighter, but glass and metal weigh what they weigh.


              • Marilyn, you should check out the Canonsx160is. It is lightweight, affordable and has an 16 x optical zoom. Not the professional photographers dream but great for on-the-go wear and tear.


                • I had nothing but compact Canons for years, but after they discontinued their A line, I was never happy with the newer ones. I had a 160 and the 260 also, but they were slow.

                  Now I have the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS25. It’s 16.6 MP with a 20X Leica zoom, the newer version of the ZS19 I had before. Which would still be working had I not whacked it on its extended lens.


                  • Nice! 😦 Dang…. can you get a new lens? Yep, I know what you mean. The Canon is not as fast as it used to be and it loves to eat batteries. However, it is perfect for day hikes or when I am bicycling.


                    • I love Canon glass, but the battery eating thing combined with the slowness of their compacts finally forced the issue for me. Of course, when Panasonic joined hands with Leica, it made me willing to try the Pannies. I wasn’t getting anything with a no-name lens on it. The Sony’s used to have Zeiss glass, but not the new ones. But, to be fair, Sony makes pretty decent lenses and the new little Fujis have gotten great press. Pricey. Too pricey for me. Even my “regular” cameras are compact 4/3 Olympuses, but I can’t carry them in my purse. Or, more to the point, I won’t.

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                    • I haven’t used a Panasonic in years. I will definitely consider investing in one for using when I hike many of the Glacier Park summuts.. there are many missed pics from lack of a high quality zoom lens. TY for the tip!


                    • There are a lot of good little cameras on the market. The Panasonics work for me because they have good optics (with the Leica lens), are pretty fast, LONG battery life, long telephoto, compact size. And I can afford them. But also, I don’t buy the latest model of anything. I wait until the price drops. It suits me … but there are other cameras I would probably like too. I don’t like Olympuses compacts — they are too slow. Love the quality, hate the handling — yet all my GOOD cameras are Olympus. I can’t afford a Fuji or Sony. Too rich for my budget. The Panny fit into that niche — right size, good lens, right price. But if you have more money to spend … well … there are some amazing little cameras out there. I’m very happy with my choice, though. Mainly, it takes good pictures. In the end, that’s what matters.


                    • I agree with you 100%.. Yes, Panasonic is great, nice and fast. Canon’s resolution is fabulous. Olympus is wonderful, especially for the price. 🙂


                    • You have that right! And you definitely take great pictures!


      • I love these odd photos and can’t partake in the camera conversation. Once I found a very expensive ring I was certain that I lost in a pair of corduroys. I was actually mentally accusing some kids that were hanging out at my house. A year later I found it 🙂 ~


        • I am always sure someone took whatever I can’t find. My mother used to accuse us of stealing her eyeglasses. When I got old enough, I started to point out that no one WANTED her glasses. The one time someone DID take something, I had no clue. So now, I keep my paranoia to myself. Because even if I’m right, I can’t prove it.


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