Next in Line — A second #RoyalBaby will soon be joining the Windsors in England. Given the choice, would you rather be heir to the throne, or the (probably) off-the-hook sibling?

Are you kidding? Seriously?

Heir to the throne of England. Right. Even in my wildest imaginings, I never so much as posited the proposition of finding myself royal. I would as soon imagine myself a sirloin steak … sooner, really.

raz raspberry snoopy cartoon
Snoopy demonstrates the raspberry.

And what, pray tell, is an off-the-hook-sibling? Is that like a disconnected telephone? Are you trying to sidle up to illegitimacy? Or do you mean one of the family that can’t inherit? If that is what you mean, why don’t you say so?

I feel my self-expression being stifled this morning. So, in an ongoing need to give fuller rein to my feelings (and you would not want me to bottle them up — that’s so unhealthy), I would like to offer you a raspberry. I cannot think of any other way to express how I feel about this prompt.

The “raspberry” — razz or Bronx cheer — is a noise we make with our tongue and lips. It is used when we have run out of words to express how we feel. It speaks for itself. It isn’t a compliment.

Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Place your tongue between your lips.
  2. Blow until you produce a sound like a fart. You may have to practice until you achieve the desired resonance.
  3. You should be able to hear a fully matured raspberry across a moderately large, crowded — even noisy –room.

You’re welcome.

NOTE: What happened to the Weekly Writing Challenge?

I actually got an answer from WordPress (surprise!). Turns out, Weekly Writing Challenge has moved — as of September 1st — to Tuesdays. Which is better because I’m not challenge-ready on Monday.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. I also miss (prefer?) the weekly writing challenge — it’s seldom lame. I’m wondering if they’ve decided to call Writing 101 and Blogging 101 the Weekly Writing Challenge? I’m actually not sure what the purpose of this is — I started it as a way to drum up an audience for my novels. However…that hasn’t happened. This could be my “fault” since during the whole I’m I’ve been doing this I’ve been desperately preoccupied. I started doing the Daily Prompt for fun and discovered I could occasionally write a good story that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of. Today I read a few blogs from the grid — I wonder at people who think they “should” or “have to” write. No one “should” and even fewer than “none” HAVE TO write. But…it’s been educational these 8 months to see what other people write.


    1. They actually answered me. They have moved it to Tuesday as of this month. So there’s one today. I often don’t participate because either they will take too much time or I just am not interested in writing a long, complicated piece. My comfort zone seems to be shorter than it used to be.

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  2. Thanks for the raspberry 🙂
    I think by “off the hook” they meant it in the way off “phew, looks like I’m off the hook”, as in “won’t have the responsibility of being king/queen”.
    I hope the newbie won’t dominate the news for the next 9 months like the last one did.


    1. I suppose it will depend on if there is anything in the news that is more momentous. I am often grateful we don’t have our own royal family because the news organizations in the US act like your royals are OURS. They seem to have missed the revolution!


  3. I grew up with blowing raspberries, a sort of cockney term of dislike. The problem with royal families having kids is that the whole country has to pay for it. If you have kids its your problem. On the other hand, you would have made a perfect queen in England. We are very multi culti and you would have fitted in perfectly.


    1. I appreciate the sentiment … but I think I am not cut out for royal anything. I am such a common commoner. I don’t like servants. I can’t stand having anyone in my house moving things around. It makes me feel guilty and invaded. So I think I’ll keep my recliner and let The Royal House of Windsor keep the throne 🙂

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  4. re: “Off the hook”. Maybe someone should ask Prince Harry if he feels he is off the hook. Royals are celebs now and their every move is news so none of them will ever be off the hook. As for Wills and Kate they are expected to produce “an heir and a spare”. I don’t have a problem with the royals, I am British born after all but I do think it is a strange subject for a blog challenge as I’m sure it means little to many folk.


    1. I suppose those in other countries feel that way about a lot of the very American prompts, but I thought it was lame regardless. A lot of them have been really lame in recent months. It doesn’t feel like they are trying very hard. A lot of the prompts can be answered with “Yes” or “No.” That’s not much of a prompt.


  5. Something sounded a little off when I read that “[e]ven in [your] wildest imaginings, [you] never so much as posited the proposition of finding [your]self royal.” Mary and I have always retained a fond memory of your flirtations with royalty. I know you remember. And it won’t do to deny it now, Queen Marilyn: I’ve got the proof, and it’s right from your own blog!


    God save the queen!


    1. Wow, you guys are GOOD. I don’t even remember all my posts. But you have an unfair advantage because you were actually AT that rodeo … or should I say those two rodeos 🙂 If I could be that kind of queen forever, that would work for me. I’ll accept that crown, no problem!! You got me.


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