I was looking for photographs suitable for a children’s book … and discovered pictures I never processed. No idea why. I probably intended to go back and do something with them … and finally, I did.

mated swans

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  1. Sometimes I find some real gems leftover from previous shoots. They don’t sit around more than a few days before a later batch arrives so I edit critically, sometimes cropping out an interesting section that makes a “keeper”. Lovely photos as always Marilyn.


    • I tend to leave some from each batch for “later.” Sometimes, it’s because they are very similar to others — maybe too similar to use right now. More often, I’m just tired — that’s all I can do now. Then there are new pictures and they wait for me. Garry and I shot those geese in all for maybe five minutes until they headed down the river, but we shot continuously for the entire time. I have learned the hard way to not think. Just shoot. Sort it all out later 🙂


  2. Fabulous Pic!!!!


    • Thank you. The fowl were very cooperative.


      • They were indeed! 🙂 A lot easier to capture than a hawk.. I keep missing good pics every Wednesday on my travels. I go by a small river where a certain hawks hangs out. He/she is always perched on the telephone wire. The very moment I get out the camera, this beautiful hawk flies away. Tomorrow I get another chance. 🙂


        • I’ve never gotten a hawk either. I’m too slow and I always diddle around trying to frame it when I should just press the shutter. The water birds don’t fly away unless you get very close — and don’t have something to feed them (most of them seem to know about humans and food). We have a red-tail who likes to chow down in our driveway. I NEVER have a camera in hand. Nor have I ever gotten a picture of our bobcat — he lives in the woodshed half the year. Or any of the hundred of chipmunks, squirrels, etc. I’m just not fast enough. Or lucky enough.


          • A bobcat would be such a wonderful pic! And of course the red tail. Me, I finally invested in a good camera last year. I didn’t used to carry a camera all the time. I do now. I am also blessed to live in some beautiful country. So, one of these days I’ll get that hawk… In the meantime, I also have a lot of pics of geese. 🙂


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