The ‘Internet Slowdown’ Is Coming: Tech Giants to Protest FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal


Etsy, Kickstarter are holding a day of action on September 10 as the deadline approaches for public comments on the proposed ‘fast lane’ rules.


This is a fight we cannot afford to lose. No matter how little of the technology you understand, we all use it. Cell phones, Netflix and other WiFi television connectors, computers, Kindles. Much of our lives are based on the availability of fast, dependable Internet connections.

If we lose this fight, we will be looking back on these days as those glorious days when we were all equal on the net … because we won’t be any longer.

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  1. I am really interested but the video will not load ?


  2. Another example of big business and corporate self-interests screwing the rest of us. But hey, according to the Supreme Court, corporations are persons. They have feelings, they have free speech, they can even have religions. But unlike most of us, they also have mega bucks. And they can buy their way into advantage just about any way they want.


    • Well, we can win this time, I think. Because numbers count. Take a few seconds. CALL your representative. I did. Actually had a pleasant chat — Elizabeth Warren is one of the “good guys.” If enough people get on it, we don’t have to lose this one.

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  3. Thank you for posting this. I made sure and signed the petition and called my Congressman directly.


  4. Reblogged this on Kentucky Mountain Girl News and commented:
    KMGN: I signed and then called my Congressman. Please do the same.


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