Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Contrasting Colors


The color wheel is one of the primary tools of anyone who works with graphics. It shows us which colors oppose or complement each other. Most of us know it instinctively, but a reminder can be useful.

bouquet flowers september 2014

Contrast generally means the mixing of colors that oppose each other on the color wheel. Of course they don’t have to directly oppose each other. While blue opposes orange, it contrasts just fine with yellow. Green versus red — Christmas colors — are so popular we probably don’t even think of them as contrasting.

deck daisies flowers

This presented a particular challenge for me since I favor a monochrome palette, in my life and in my photography. I like gradations of color more than I like contrast, saving contrast for spot color.


The ultimate contrast is, of course, black and white, white being “all colors” and black being the absence of color. When we talk casually of contrast, we are really referring to any two colors, one light, one dark — a variation on a theme of black and white.

Hadley Snow Farm


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  1. Lovely color wheel.I recently taught a young girl how to make a real one . It took time but together we did it. Took me back to basics. I don’t like B & W but the snow scene and the usage of positive negative space is wonderful Marilyn !


    • Thank you! Black and white is good for architecture especially. Anything where structure is the important element. I’m not a fan of black and white for colorful subjects like landscape and flowers. I don’t see the point … but when texture and form are the graphic focus, it works. City pictures especially. And, of course, snow.


  2. Love all those flowers! And, while I’m not a fan of winter, the winter scene you have posted is absolutely lovely — makes me want a cup of hot tea. 🙂


  3. Although it is way too early for snow and even to think about snow, this natural element helps to create the most outstanding photos.


  4. Wonderful write up. Thanks for playing. Your photos are marvelous.


  5. Honest you could have prints made of that photo and sell them.
    Really, really good.


  6. Good you got the attention for the photo! Congratulations. We are expecting snow tonight…. 😦 we had a total of two days of summer this summer….ugh!


  7. Oh oooo, I really love the snow & house photo. Oooo, I think I like it best of any Ive seen in a very Iong time.
    I’ld pay for that photo.


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