Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2014 #12

Every which way, the road and the walkways go. Straight, crooked, up, down. Through woods and cities, fields, and parks.

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  1. Great pictures of paths and roads. And I’m feeling very Fallish now. I hope the geese will make brief appearances (in picture) throughout the Winter to keep us all hopeful. They were some great subject matter this year!


    • We got lucky. They posed for us before paddling away. I’m thinking they won’t winter up here this year. We lost a lot of swans during the winter. They don’t migrate and I think the population my have been so reduced it cannot come back. I hope I’m wrong. And I hope the winter is not so awful this time around.


  2. Your Little Colorado Bridge shots are gorgeous. Actually you have a lot of wonderful photos in your gallery this week. You had some fun 🙂


  3. Arthur Miller likes your view from the bridge…


  4. I’d walk down any of those paths… except the last one. Qo’D gets sensory overload quite easily. 🙂


    • Busy city streets at night freak a lot of people out. Not me because I grew up in New York … AND I wait for the light to change and cross at designated crosswalks (oh sacred crosswalk). Cars have steel bodies. I don’t, so I figure in a one-on-one confrontation, they would win.


  5. Great photos. I love the ducks in line. 😀


  6. These are really great! Love em.


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