Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2014 #13


Driving into Boston on the Mass Pike. I don’t know what its official name is. Mostly, we just call it “The Pike” and everyone knows what that means. It’s also Rt. 90, which is its interstate designation.


If you follow it westward, it crosses the border into New York, it becomes the New York State Thruway. Or, as I used to call it when I lived there, “The Thruway.” I think you can keep following Rt. 90 west all the way to the left coast. I’ve never driven further than Niagara Falls, so I can’t say for sure.


On this occasion, we were on our way to see Judy Collins perform at the Wilbur Theater. That’s eastbound on the Pike to its end in Boston.

We’ve been having a drought, you know. But … not on this particular day.



There’s been almost no rain at all the entire summer, yet for this one day, it rained. Very hard. For about 10  minutes. That’s not enough rain to do much for the aquifer, but quite enough to complicate the drive into Boston. And — on a positive note — to let me take interesting pictures of driving in the rain.


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  1. Just out of curiosity since I’m fascinated by regional terms, is that a localism to call interstate highways “Routes?” I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Rt.” used that way before…. we just throw “I” in front of the interstate numbers where I live…. I-70, I-55, etc.


  2. We have actually had some rain this past couple of days. Not quite that much. Your photos are wonderful for which way. I really liked them.


    • Thank you. It’s funny that it should have rained during just that little bit of time while we were driving into Boston. It was a cloudburst, not a rain that will fill up the lakes or aquifers … but it probably made some lawns and flowers happier. I was glad i had my camera 🙂


  3. At least it stopped by the time you got to the theater.


  4. I agree about rain Evelyne except when you’re driving in a downpour on the road to perdition.


  5. The Pike aka “The Road To Perdition”


  6. The woman on the moped in the last picture looks like she doesn’t take any prisoners when she’s riding out and about 🙂


  7. I’ve only driven Interstate 90 once and that was on my cross country drive to Oregon when I moved here. That highway took me North to Interstate 84 that finished the trip to Portland. It was a 3200 mile drive from right coast to left coast so I was a zombie by the time I arrived here. Driving a Budget rental truck with all your worldly possessions across the Rockies is not fun when the silly truck has a governor on it. 😦


  8. Great shots. Now for longer periods of rain. 😀


  9. I miss Boston!


  10. Oh, so many familiar sites! The sound of the rain is a wonderful thing when we are waiting for it, regardless of where home is.

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