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This is a dark morning. It looks like it’s going to rain. That’s a good thing and I hope it will rain for real. But it’s often dark and gray like this in the morning, yet no rain comes. By mid morning, the sky clears. The ground stays dry.

It’s been like this … if I think about it … since last summer, the summer of 2013. That’s the first time I went to Manchaug and saw the dam was dry. It was far dryer this year, the lake being nearly gone. The mallards and swans are gone too. The turtles are living in brown puddles.


The dams were had already been closed and dry by the autumn of 2013 and have not reopened. Still locked up through this entire year. We had a moderate amount of snow — along with plenty of ice and cold — but the amount of snow didn’t make up for the lack of spring and summer rains. No autumn rains, either. Makes for beautiful foliage, but dry wells.

Dealing with our own personal drought, we’ve gone in just a few days from total panic to a kind of zen acceptance. You can’t do without water, of course. Whether you live in a grass hut or a modern house in the suburbs — or our ranch house in the valley … water is the bottom line in necessities.

Not just any water. We need clean water. Drinkable water. Water with which we can wash and cook. Now … after 4 days … we have a little bit of water in the well. Not much. It’s a fragile thing. No laundry. Hand showers and don’t leave the water running even for a few minutes. Bottled water for making coffee, cooking, drinking, even for the dogs. That stuff coming out of the faucet is not a color water should be. Brownish, yellowish. Unhealthy. Until the well is repaired … which we hope will be soon … we are on rations.

This is Mother Nature reminding we modern folk how little power we have if she wills otherwise. We can have all the technology in the world. Software, hardware, the fanciest smartphones, computers, and cameras … but when the well is dry, nothing help. We know no magic that can make the water flow, only basic technology to try and clear the natural fissures in the rocks through which water passes and fills our holes in the ground. Which is all a well is. A deep hole in the ground with a big pump to bring it to the surface.

We are in waiting mode, waiting for the well fixers to get back to us with final number, hoping those numbers we get and the money we’ve collected work together. Because we have to get this done. Soon. Before the ground freezes.

Each morning now, it’s a little colder than it was the day before. Autumn is here. For real. Winter cannot be far behind.

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  1. It sucks that you are going through this… and I had no idea Northeast had a drought going on until I read your first post about the well. My Ohio friends on WP have been complaining all summer long about all of the rain they’ve gotten… and that can’t move its way just a few hundred miles east by northeast!?!? Mother Nature needs to get her act together and get the rain nice and evened out over the country so that everyone can get just what they need to get by…

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  2. Marilyn, I keep praying for rain for you. I had high hopes for today but that didn’t work out, yet again. If you need some water I can start filling milk jugs and drop them off to you. I only wish I could do more than that to help. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that rain comes soon. Kind of getting creepy around here with no rain.

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    • We have a lot of jugged water. We’ll have to get some more because our water isn’t drinkable yet but it’s pretty cheap and we are refilling jugs too at a neighbor. The neighbor that has water (the other neighbor’s well is worse off than ours). But we finally have an agreement to get the work done sometime before the ground freezes. There is a general agreement that we should not try and wait till spring. While we have some water now, we don’t have enough, not nearly enough. People have been generous and we will be able to do this. Actually the amount of money we got as gifts is almost exactly the amount we need to fix the well. Karma?

      Happy New Year. It’s 5775. It doesn’t seem that late … does it?

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      • I am very happy to hear that you have the money to get this fixed. It’s so funny to realize how very much we need water to survive. I have always been worried about my well drying up too. No clue what I would do. Just walk away I guess. Hope they get it done soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


        • I hope it NEVER happens to you. But if we don’t get rain soon, there are going to be a lot more well failures. There already are quite a few around here. The well guys talk. One of my immediate neighbors is also dry. And the rivers, Whitin’s pond … all showing bottom. I think you would find you’d have to do just what we are doing. Get money somehow. Thing is, you can really only do this once. One more crisis? Over and out. We live such fragile lives.


  3. Reblogged this on Sunday Night Blog and commented:

    Mother Nature is fickle. Her loyalties are ever shifting and her rain is always needed.


  4. No matter what mankind can achieve we have to concede Nature has the last word. Good luck with getting some rain. 😀


  5. Since living in Oklahoma, we’ve experienced more droughts and accompanying wild fires than anything else, even tornadoes. A couple years ago, something happened (it was a bad drought year) and we thought our well went dry. Fortunately, and this was a lot cheaper than having to drill deeper or a new well, it was the well pump which needed to be replaced. It was still a lot of money for us.

    Sending good thoughts and vibrations that this is resolved quickly and at your least expense.


    • We going to have to have the well fracked to unclog it. It also needs a proper lining. It’s primitive, by any standards. We had to replace the well pump a few years ago when it was (really!) HIT BY LIGHTNING. How, you ask, can your well pump be hit by lightning? Well, it’s electric, metal, and in water and the lightning finds it. Found it. Killed it. This time, the pump is fine. But the water isn’t. It isn’t refilling. It’s hard to know why it went NOW. Probably the low water table combined with the age of the well. I’d like to say it’s bad timing, but I don’t think there’s a good time for a well to go dry.

      Thanks for the kind words. The well pump was a few thousand dollars too, at the time, but we had some insurance that partially covered it. No insurance covers the well, though. No company will insure it.

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  6. As scary and upsetting as things are, I am happy you guys are able to get into a “zen” frame of mind about the situation. How terribly difficult to get there, though, and stay there. You guys are troopers, though, and you have many friends out there pulling and rooting for you. I hope things come together with the well guy today and you are able to get some answers. ❤

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    • I’d like to take credit for it, but frankly we don’t have much choice. Running around hysterical and weeping … which is what I was doing for a couple of days … doesn’t help. So — tranquilizers, deep breathing, and patience. And the Marx Brothers. They help, too.


  7. A beautiful snapshot of the problems our world faces. Thank you.


  8. We have had Summers without rain when we are told to save water, but nothing like you describe. I save water because it is the most expensive commodity we have, next to electricity. I was reminded of the book I am reading at the moment, Under the Dome by Stephen King, where a small town was enclosed in an invisible dome, no rain, no wind, no nothing. I hope things get better for you.

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    • It will get better once we get it cared for. We have to wait in line and be patient till our turn comes. It’s not dead, but it needs work. And the work is expensive, though digging a new well would be worse. MUCH worse. Mother Nature has really put us in our places. We think we are so smart with all our tidy technologies … and then, the well goes dry and suddenly, you realize when nature whacks you over the head, you stay whacked and all your cool technobobbles are useless. It’s humbling.


  9. Wow. For some reason, all the times my husband and I have had the “let’s move out to the country” discussion, we never thought about having a well that could run dry. Hope it rains for you real soon.


    • When the well is healthy and happy and pumping away, you don’t think about it. You turn on a faucet, you have water. Then, suddenly, you turn on the faucet and there’s nothing. No water. It’s not a happy moment. It’s fixable, but nothing quick or easy.


  10. Here’s hoping you get rain soon… or at least a fixed well!


  11. Nature’s the boss. I learned that (again) during the Cedar Fire in 2003. I learned it first when my dad died of MS in spite of my complete willingness to exchange my life for his, my mother’s prayers and all the other voodoo that consciously and subconsciously went into our hopes. I’ve learned it again and again, and now in the snowy-headed years that these are the snowy-headed years… I know you’re going to get the well sorted out and that it will rain, but in the meantime, yikes.

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    • It’s humbling. All that technology. We are masters of the world, until we aren’t. It’s a lesson everyone has to keep learning. Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, drought … It’s so easy to take all the basic stuff for granted. Until suddenly, it’s not there.



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