Make It Count – You’ve been given the opportunity to send one message to one person you wouldn’t normally have access to (for example: the President. Kim Kardashian. A coffee grower in Ethiopia). Who’s the person you choose, and what’s the message?

I’m totally blank. I can’t think of any message I could send once to anyone in time or space that would make a difference.

Send a note to Julius Caesar and tell him to skip the senate that day? They would have killed him on a different day.

How about: “Hey, Ulysses. Don’t get involved with those girl singers.”

“Achilles, don’t brag about your invulnerability and how you came by it. And cover those heels!”

hyannis boat flag harbor

“Oh Chris? Yes, you. Columbo. Turn back. Your crew is carrying disease and you are going to wipe out millions of innocent people. Oh, you like that idea do you? Come closer. Let me kill you myself.”

“Mr. Lincoln, don’t go to the theater tonight. And get the Secret Service on that Wilkes guy. He’s more than merely a bad actor.”

“Mr. Kennedy, sir! Please do not ride through Dallas top down today. In fact, call in sick. Get a pedicure. Take a nap. Anything but a drive through Dallas.”

A couple of timely notes to myself could help. “Go to a better surgeon. Don’t let that hack anywhere near you with a scalpel.” I’d need to send at least two such warning notes. I am apparently a slow learner. Or, I could fix my own life. I could send a note to my Mom warning her not to get involved with my dad. Oops, but then there would be no me to send the note — and we get into all kinds of time travel-related complexities.

Or how about “Don’t buy the condo in Lynn. Wait. Garry’s going to ask you to marry him and you can get a place together!” That might have made a difference!

I’m just going to not say anything to anyone. You know about the butterfly effect? Anything I want to do would probably cause the world to end. I’ve got enough on my plate. I’ll leave world breaking to someone else

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  1. You are always so clever- this post cracked me up totally!! 🙂


  2. I was going to put something witty in my comment, but I can’t think of a single note I’d want to send to anyone either.
    I love all the theories about changing the past. Either “one tiny thing changes and the entire future changes” (the butterfly effect), “time will rejig to ensure no damage is done” or “the universe will split into a different path, so people in this reality won’t notice anything”. Not a good area for experimentation, I don’t think 🙂


    • I don’t believe the past is changeable, but I love speculating. Except when I’m in a particularly whimsical state of mind when I get into a whole alternate realities thing and wonder what the other “mes” are doing … if they ARE doing. I hope they don’t invent time travel. We doing such a good job screwing up the present, I don’t think we should have the opportunity to mess up the past, too.


  3. That was fun! 🙂


  4. Did you read Stephen King’s book, the time travel one where his character time-traveled back to prevent Kennedy’s assassination? I was really disappointed in how King portrayed the world, in those few moments when the character came back to the present and found everything in ruins. Anyway, that’s what I thought of when I read that comment about Kennedy. Good thing you didn’t send him your note! 😉

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    • I loved the King book, though I didn’t love his portrayal of the world — but y’know, it’s Stephen King and he is not known for his sunny view of life and reality. I tend to doubt it would really have been quite THAT bad … but then again, who knows? That’s the thing about changing the past without knowing how it will affect the future. It’s what makes the whole concept of time travel so mind-bending.

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    • I feel he copied the idea from a Ray Bradbury story…


      • All these authors used concepts developed by each other. Ray Bradbury took plenty from Robert Heinlein who took a bunch from Isaac Asimov, etc. etc. They acknowledged each other, too. They were friends. It’s homage and one of the things I’ve always liked about King is that he acknowledges who influenced him and where he borrowed concepts. He never pretends he made it all up on his own. Heinlein did more of the time travel stuff than any other author — but they all wrote about it and used the same constructs. Just like everyone has treated Asimov’s “laws of robotry” as if they were real “laws” of physics. Actually, I kind of like it. There is a comforting continuity of thought from author to author.

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        • I like it, too. As Goethe wrote, there is nothing new. Stephen King’s story “The Jaunt” is one of my favorites.


          • I have to read more of his short stories. I’ve only recently started reading short fiction. I always wanted long books, the longer the better. Now, with my aging eyeballs, I’m started to appreciate the short stories I avoided for years. Glad they waited for me to get to them.

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            • I had a major depressive crisis in 1994. It was terrifying…but I couldn’t even understand Pink Panther movies! I saw Conan the Barbarian for the first time and loved it and loved every zombie movie that I could find. It was that summer I read Stephen King for the first time. I’m not saying one has to be crazy to like his work. I’m saying that his stories gave me the diversion and engagement I needed back then. I owe him something for that and helping me get better.

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  5. Interesting and thought provoking. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but useless really. 😀


  6. Nice take… Notes were amusing 🙂

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  7. Good ideas, I could add a few, but would probably get too political. Imagine if we had told the Eyptians to cremate their pharoahs, then we would would have had no pyramides. “Mrs. Human” “Yes Tabby cat” “and if there had been no corn chambers in Egypt, we felines would not have been worshipped as the Gods we are” “OK Tabby, run along and eat a plate of tuna fish”.

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    • Do you think the little gods got tuna in Egypt? Maybe they were forced to eat shrimp. Horrors!

      I could get a lot more political, but life is complicated enough these days without having to fight with my followers. I prefer to have my brawls on other peoples’ websites. Then I can come home to a nice peaceful blog and leave the shouting and cursing behind 🙂

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      • Oh my gosh! You are a riot! Now I know your secret. It’s out! This is how you keep your place so calm and relaxing!! Such a simple truth leads to great peace at home. And you have a nice home here. 😀


        • I knew I couldn’t hide forever. It’s true. I get into knock-down drag-out brawls (on the Internet) — but not on MY site. I’m intentionally as uncontroversial as my personality allows. I let other bloggers host the battles 😀


  8. This amused me, but I agree, messing with those things could get us all in a whole heap of trouble 😉

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  9. “Oh Chris? Yes, you. Columbo. Turn back. Your crew is carrying disease and you are going to wipe out millions of innocent people. Oh, you like that idea do you? Come closer. Let me kill you myself.”

    YES~~~ But better yet, tell that stupid-ass, self centered queen Isabella to keep her greedy little mitts to herself and keep her people corralled in her own country. Of course, Columbus didn’t actually land in the US – most historians believe (Columbus kept shitty records) that Watling Island in the Bahama’s is where he actually landed.

    It was the French who did most of the damage in the northern half of the continent, while the Spanish actually did the most damage in the southern hemisphere, while Marco Polo and his lot screwed up the east. Overall, a huge, diseased mess…..

    I blame the Spaniards for the most damage, though. They wiped out whole civilizations, not only through disease bearing, but through wholesale slaughter of cultures and people. Then came the christians, and don’t even get me started on those bastards . . . if I had one thing I could do? Slaughter everyone even slightly connected to the Vatican – wipe out the whole sick, monstrous cult. I know of which I speak. Hernando de Soto ‘visited’ the Quapaw Tribe in 1541. Further teams, furnished with monies and priests by the church, found gold, diamonds, and other precious materials on native lands. At the behest of the church and the Spanish government, as well as the French government in other areas, they brought in priests with pox blankets and handed them out as “friendship gifts.” Those who survived suffered even more greatly than those who died of the pox. Children had their heads smashed against rocks, women were raped to death while their families were forced to watch before themselves being killed. All with the A-OK! of the church. That happened all over the country as the priests traveled with the soldiers, “saving the souls” of a scattered few and helping to force them onto reservations. Actually, this sort of thing continued to happen, as far as I know, as late as up to the late 1950’s. A friend of mine was snatched off the street on her reservation and sold to a church elder for a sex toy (yes, when she was a baby) while my own mother and her twin brother were taken away by the chief of police in Hot Springs, Arkansas and given to his wife as she couldn’t have children herself. At least they weren’t subjected to the horrific cruelty that most reservation children were subjected to… Sigh. Do I sound bitter? Yep! That’s me . . . every time I see a native christian, or churches on reservations, I cringe inside.

    So! I guess I would say, “Hey, all you apostles and all you guys that wrote the bible by committee? Lay off. Just go by Jesus’ first rule – Love one another!”

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    • I love intelligent comments. Thank you for this. You could post this as a standalone post and I think you should consider doing so. Seems a waste for it to be buried in my comments.

      I have Native friends and yes, I have heard this from them, too. If I could go back in time and undo this … and other atrocities … I would. I do not understand humanity, though I am a part of it. And we keep doing it. Over and over and over again. The more I know, the less I understand. Thank you for visiting. Please come again.

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