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  1. During the last NHL strike (the Third) a bell suddenly went off in my head. (Maybe I popped a blood vessel or something?). BUT suddenly I was able to stand back and look at things (for the first in my life). What I was was this: a bunch of billionaires and millionaires fighting over money. I saw no Sport. I saw nobody that cared about me or anything at all really – except money. This viewpoint then translated to all Pro Sport (?): Baseball, Basketball, Football – you name it. It was an epiphany/Eureka moment! An over 50 year addiction, obsession, started to melt and crumble … I was becoming free! from a world vacuous meaningless madness. I would never be the same again! But I also knew I wouldn’t be able to completely leave that easily/right away. I would suffer agonizing withdrawals and wonder to do with my new world/life. But I surely would never – NEVER – view or watch hockey or pro sport again with same eyes. Freedom is not easily won!
    Since then I’ve met other people who feel the same way – which shocked me. I figured I was all alone – in a universe full of nattering sports nuts.
    Yet now am busy rebuilding my life apart from the evil world of worshiping sports mult-millionaires and their cronies. Maybe I’ll even start a self-help group for Sports Addicts.
    It’s lonely out here being sportless.
    But it’s worthy.


    • Garry loves the sport — but he was a reporter. He knows it’s all about money for team owners … and a lot of players. But the thing is, it isn’t about money for Garry. Garry is all about the game, the sport. And there are players — many players — who love the game, have always loved the game and want nothing more than to be allowed to continue to play it. Nothing is pure, but it’s not all dirty, either.


  2. Thanks for the reblog…too bad it’s about such a bummer of a topic.


    • Yeah, but it has a certain morbid appeal. And I couldn’t bring myself to write it. Garry neither. Since you already wrote it, why reinvent the wheel, as it were? I’m not too proud to poach your posts 🙂


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