According to everything I have read, this lion isn’t really black. It’s a hoax, a Photoshop manipulation. It is however, not a genetic impossibility. Color mutations among creatures great and small are never impossible. This particular picture originally showed (supposedly) a very rare white lion that has been manipulated to appear black.

I’m not sure why showing an extremely rare white lion would be less intriguing than a black one, but there you go. It doesn’t have to make sense.


      1. You know, with the amazing power of photo manipulation available today, I wonder if there really is such a thing as “photographic evidence” anymore. How do we know what we’re looking at is the genuine article and hasn’t been monkeyed with by some 21st century imaging technology? There are no negatives anymore, just digital “images” that can be whatever anyone wants them to be! You can make people believe whatever you want them to believe… look, here’s a photo! It’s “real!”


        1. I believe a forensic specialist could tell the difference. I can usually tell the difference because if you look closely enough, magnify it down to the pixel level, there’s always pixel mismatch somewhere.

          But here? In Cyberville, the international village in which we live? Oh hell yeah. We can mess with people’s heads all we want. It’s not that the Internet is so powerful. It’s that people are so incredibly gullible and stupid.

          I’m not a very good Photoshopper or I’d do it myself, just to prove it can be done … though I think I’d find a less mangled picture of a some animal to start with. This one has obviously reached the end of its run and is all fuzzy from being copied and pasted who knows how many times. But a pink or rainbow giraffe? Or even a donkey? Or a chicken? It could go viral! Oh the power, the power!

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