Truth Serum – You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

I would start by asking why you can’t seem to regularly publish the Daily Prompt without problems? Why there were never any problems until you started working with formats that are pretty, but obviously full of bugs that keep recurring? Where are your Alpha and Beta testers? And when you post the prompt … doesn’t anyone check back to see if everything is working okay?


You know, in addition to bloggers, pretty much all of us are or were workers. We performed jobs for which we were paid, in some cases quite well. We did our jobs. We understand taking pride in our work, being professional. Every day. Because we are and were responsible. What is wrong with you? Seriously? Don’t you have any pride in your work?

You put out prompts that look like you spent an eighth of a second thinking, then posted the first thing you thought of. Dull stuff, repetitive stuff, stupid and occasionally offensive stuff. And never a personal word to say “You know, I kind of screwed up yesterday. Hope you like this better.” Not a “people person,” are you Ben. You’re a desk jockey, doing your thing, no contact with your customers, no interchange on a human level. No sense of obligation to any of us.

You ought to already know the prompt is broken again. Because — like any good professional — you should have checked to see how it’s going. And seen it isn’t going. And would be all over your support staff to fix it so you wouldn’t disappoint us.

But … that’s not how it works. You’re too important maybe? Too remote? Too out of touch? Or you don’t care one way or the other. Think we are a bunch of nags, annoying you?

It doesn’t matter why it happens. Once? Twice? Three times? Okay, you’re still fixing a bug. But again? And yet … again? Is this professional? Maybe you should give this job to someone else … you know … someone who truly wants to do it. Properly. So now, to the serum.

Mr. Huberman: Do you want your job or more to the point, this part of your job? Do you feel an obligation to those you supposedly serve to provide service? If so, how can you explain failing to do your job regularly, not fixing problems before they affect all your customers? Where is your sense of pride and professionalism?

I’m just not seeing it.

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  1. Totally agree with everything you’ve had to say here. The Daily Prompt has become a real joke — I can remember when I did it a few times a week, and now I can only find one or two a month that I find interesting and that I can actually respond to, within the boundaries of my personal writing style. Maybe part of it’s me. But I don’t think it’s ALL me.

    Do you think any of the higher-ups or Ben will ever read this? Just curious if you got a response.


    • I got a response just once, a couple of months ago. I’d say WP has growing pains, but I think it’s more like “too big for their britches” pains. They’ve started to believe their own PR department. What they need is some serious competition.

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  2. It would be nice if WP bothered to check in with us, their customers, once in a while, huh? I’m starting to look for other prompts to use which don’t have this level of breakage, and actually have contact with the people who use the prompt. At least your post, and a response from vintage let me know it wasn’t just me 😀

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  3. I wondered why I hadn’t received emails with new posts. I just went to My Reader and see a whole bunch of posts that were not emailed to me, so it seems to be a system-wide problem, not just the daily prompt?


    • I don’t know about the emails … but the Daily Prompt wasn’t working at all. No links at all. As for the rest of it? I don’t doubt it. There are days where I get dozens of old notices from days before when (I presume), the Reader notifications weren’t working. I suspect it’s a recurring problem, just like this one.


  4. I remember in my past days when I was acually paid for my job, that now and again our computer would collapse. It seemed that we had a lot of goods that were not in stock and we clogged up the computer with so-called confirmations. They had to empty the bucket to make room and it worked again the next day. Lost time cost money. I wonder how it works with WordPress and what the reason for the collapse is


    • I don’t know what the problem is, but they need to figure it out and fix it. Modern software is not like the stuff you used … or even I used. It’s come a long way and there’s really no excuse for this except failing to find the source of the problem. They are not fixing the cause — or it wouldn’t keep recurring. And if it’s that fragile, they should rewrite that piece of the application.


  5. I’d criticise the guy too but I’d first like to know what the heck is the issue? Else I have an ugly feeling that my criticism will bite me back someday especially when the person(s) might go, “Wait, I’ll show you And orchestrate me into his/her spot” …

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  6. You tell ’em, Marilyn!


  7. I’m fed up with IT engineers, program designers, etc. in general right now, so I’ll stand with you on this. Site improvements? Right.


    • I can understand a glitch, a bug that affects us once, twice. Even three times. But this is what, six? If they cannot make this format work properly all the time, then they need to get the engineers to rewrite the code so it does work. ALL the time. Maybe worry less about the way it looks and more about how it functions. But hey, I’m just an old geek who thinks you don’t release stuff before you test it thoroughly. Obviously that is a dreadfully old-fashioned attitude.

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      • Oh, the stories I can tell about the thoughts we are getting on those last two sentences from our developer…but I will be nice and not bring work stuff here. Let’s just say, I agree completely with you. Except for the old geek part.



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