First, a little music … Edith Piaf and Yves Montand singing Autumn Leaves. Just for you. Why does everything sound better in French?



The Mumford is barely a trickle of its former self, but it’s still beautiful. The trees are turning, brighter every day.

foliage on the Mumson

The leaves reflect in the water and the sky is cloudless and blue. Autumn is our best season, when New England takes her fanciest clothing out of storage and steps out. The trees and the grasses glow with color. The air is amber and everything is beautiful.This is the season I wait for.

I hope it’s a great one. An epic Autumn.


May it rain every night, but clear by morning.


    1. I hope there IS more. It’s still drizzling rain … and the leaves are falling off the trees. It’s looks almost like a small storm of leaves, so I don’t know how much more autumn we shall have this year. If we get some serious rain, it will wash away the colors, but we need the rain more than we need the foliage this year. Much as I adore the autumn!


  1. A ‘like’ for the photos of course: outstanding. But you got me with the little French song. Although I still don’t know why everyone, especially Americans, think that everything sounds better in French. I LOVE the American accent and unfortunately will die without having one. In any case, the combo your photos and Montand/Piaf makes my early morning very nice.


    1. There’s something very sexy about French. Maybe it’s those French actors we grew up watching. They were all so terribly handsome and suave. And I have always loved Edith Piaf. I didn’t know she recorded in English so I was delighted to find the song. I’m not sure I so much love the French accent, but I studied French in school and I love the language. It’s elegant and poetic. A long time ago, I used to be able to read and write in French, but I’ve just lost it over the years.


    2. Evelyne, it’s an American thing about the French accent. We both adore it and sometimes mock it. Men of my generation are forever doing bad imitations of Charles Boyer and Maurice Chevalier. Ah, yes, I remember it well.


    1. The leaves are already falling. This is so early … but I think this is all going to be over almost before it started. Please don’t think of this as a complaint. I’m glad enough to have any autumn — we’ve had bad years where we had just brown leaves and then, nothing, so this shot of brilliant color is a joy.


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