This section of the Blackstone Canal, where the river and the canal divide and run parallel for some miles downstream, is particularly beautiful.


It’s beautiful in every season, but when the leaves are changing, it is awesome. Awe-inspiring.


The colors are not as bright this year as they were last year. They seem to be peaking, yet many trees haven’t changed at all. An odd sort of Autumn. Perhaps we will get a second wave of color.


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  1. The bridge photo is also my favorite. You could easily hang that one in a museum and count on finding a constant presence before it, of admirers who lose track of time in such perfect, serene balance.

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    • Thank you πŸ˜€ I want you to know, although this looks like all the other bridge photos, it’s actually a brand NEW bridge photo. That’s what it looks like, the stone bridge over the Blackstone in Uxbridge. It is classic … the lines, the roccks, the river, the canal. And autumn πŸ™‚

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  2. I always love the first photo with the bridge. I would take out the power lines in post but that’s just my way of enjoying the pristine. The power company can always put them back. LOL


    • I have a few versions of the bridge where I did take the powerlines out … but I finally decided — for all my New England photos — that power lines are part of the landscape, as much as are the rivers and trees and white steeple churches. I try to make them part of the pictures. We have more nuclear generating stations in this area per capita than anywhere else in the country, so power lines are everywhere. And not just little ones. Big heavy trunk lines criss-cross everything you want to shoot. They are here, so now — they are in the photos too. A lot of people DO take them out and that’s perfectly valid too. Just a choice, I guess. In fact, you are one of many people who have wondered why I don’t. I may change my mind at some point and take some out. Meanwhile, that little bridge is such a beauty. In every season. I’ve been shooting it for 14 years. That was yesterday.

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  3. Wow… it’s so pleasant and colorful πŸ™‚

    Beautiful shot…


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