Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 32

Up here in the mountains, near the Canadian border, it’s all about the moose. But not just living, breathing, furry moose. Everything is moosey. This cabin, from the kitchen counter, to the base of the coffee table, to the lamps, upholstery, wall decorations, and trim on the bathroom walls … it’s all about moose.

On the wall in the kitchen, a particularly apt sign ...

On the wall in the kitchen, a particularly apt sign …

This is actual moose antler. It is a lamp base, one of several moose-themed lamps in the cabin.

Moose antler lamp base

Moose antler lamp base

And please, let’s not forget the upholstery!

Moose-themed upholstery

Moose-themed upholstery

Embedded in the kitchen counter …

Moose embedded in wood countertop

Moose embedded in wood countertop

In the bedrooms, the quilts feature moose, bear, deer, and geese. With coordinating moose throw pillows.

moose throw pillow quilt

The dishes show pictures of moose. There is moose wallpaper and trim in the bathroom. I will save the moose coffee table and matching lamp, as well as the actual portrait of a bull moose over the fireplace, for a separate post.


Suffice to say, they are serious about moose in this neck of the woods.

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  1. In coastal cabins you would get the lobster deco. Do you think you’ll get to see a real moose? I never saw any, so I’m curious.


    • Haven’t seen any this year, but in previous years, both here and in the White Mountains in New Hampshire, we saw quite a few of them. They are such odd, awkward animals and the calves are all legs. You have to go look for them around dusk and yesterday and today, it has been raining, so we didn’t go out. Tomorrow, hopefully!


  2. I think we should requisition that kitchen wall sign.


  3. Looks like you are having a moose-y time 🙂 Thanks Marilyn for playing.


  4. But have you seen an actual moose yet? Or have they all been turned into lamps? 😦

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  5. Wow they do take their Moose (Meese? LOL) seriously 🙂


  6. These shots certainly remind me of sections of Oregon. Here everything is made of Myrtlewood. In Oregon, this tree is known as Oregon Myrtle, while in California it is called California Bay Laurel, which may be shortened to California bay or California laurel. The trees are used for everything from medicine to fragrance. They have moose plaques carved out of Myrtlewood that you can buy all along the Oregon coastline. When I first moved to Oregon from South Carolina I was shocked to see all the “Beware of Moose” signs along the highways. I’ve never seen one in 9 years of living here.


    • If the signs are there, the moose are there. You have to go looking at the right times of day, on the right roads, and SLOWLY. You don’t want to encounter a moose with your vehicle.

      We’ve seen quite a few them both here on our first visit, and during both trips to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Today probably wouldn’t be a great choice — think it’s going to rain and my cameras aren’t waterproof. Unless it clears. I just have to plan our route!


  7. Looks like all things moose to me. Hope you’re having a very well deserved vacation. Enjoy!


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