DREAMLIKE images that remind me of Middle Earth … but it’s northern Maine.


These are the mountains along the Canadian border.


Just look out the cabin door or drive a short way down the mountain. A breathtaking world of color, mist, mountains and clouds. Colors so unreal they feel like magic, as if trees are glowing from within.


And down in along Route 201 toward Skowhegan …

path by the cabin in jackman


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15 replies

  1. So ethereal! Love the shots.


  2. True beauty- nature is amazing thanks for sharing Marilyn


  3. Greetings from Middle Earth (New Zealand). Great photos. They could just be north of Middle Earth in the books. 😀


  4. This looks like a beautiful area to visit. Spectacular photos, Marilyn. Hope you keep posting these incredible sights. Enjoy!


    • I will. The drive today from Maine to Vermont was breathtaking. Not so many pictures, though because it was a long drive by very slow roads through mountains. I’ll write some tomorrow, but it was stunning.


  5. Thanks for taking me along on this scenic road trip, Mrs. A… the colors are just amazing. As is your skill.


    • On this occasion, I have to tell you that I didn’t do the colors justice. I came as close as I could, but they colors were so other-worldly — and so hard to capture evening because of shadows and bright spots — that I put a lot of effort into showing them as best I could, but honestly? They were even more amazing in person. Maybe a movie camera could have captured it more fully.


  6. LOL… Yer in Maine, Mr. A, not Wyoming. But funny! 😀


  7. Pretty but a little chilly. Shane, come back!


  8. Gorgeous autumnal colours. And the first photo does remind me a bit of New Zealand ( aka middle earth)


    • Thank you 🙂 It really does look like part of one of Peter Jackson’s sets. Not all of Maine is equally unearthly, but the forested, mountainous north is. And the coast. And other places. It’s a beautiful place, maybe because it’s so uncrowded with people! The more of us around, the more we ruin everything.


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