The mist is nearly gone ...

The mist is nearly gone …

As the rains washes the remaining leaves from the trees, autumn lingers in my photo files. It was a great autumn and I still have more than a few pictures to show you.

In the valley when the mist clears , you can see the farms and houses

From our grand tour of the White Mountains of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. October, 2014 is definitely one of the best ever.

Pink reflections at day's end

Pink reflections at day’s end

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  1. Beautiful pics to cherish over the long winter months. Thank you for taking us on this lovely fall journey.


  2. In a few weeks I will be doing a last-ditch, Hail Mary pass, loading what I can of my possessions and my geriatric cat into a Mustang and moving to New Hampshire. I’m going to be looking for work in the VT, NH (maybe even Maine) area. I’m stressed out of my gourd BUT, I have to say, I have gotten some actual PEACE looking at the gorgeous photos you’ve been posting of the area. There’s no logic to it, but that’s the truth. They may be pretty pictures to some, to me, for some reason, they’ve been touch stones.


    • I wish you the best of luck. New England isn’t a great place for employment opportunities, but it depends on what you are looking for. All of us have managed to find some work or we wouldn’t still be here, but it’s difficult.


  3. I want to waft into those pictures…


  4. I love these photos- particularly the last one! Great job 🙂


  5. stunning pink reflections


  6. I love the first one particularly


  7. Absolutely stunning photos. The colours are just heavenly. 😍💖💕💞


  8. Stunning photos capture the season perfectly. Lovely.


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