All Hallows Night Poem

It’s almost here, the spookiest, funniest, silliest holiday of the year. Halloween is the perfect kid celebration. Dress up in weird costumes. Harass your neighbors until they give you candy. Decorate the house in ghoulies, ghosties and long-legged beasties. Not to mention things that go bump in the night!

Most of the pictures in the gallery are Garry’s and they are signed by him.

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  1. Miss you M ! 🌷


  2. Love the non-fake mustache on the pumpkin … the other one had too much to drink! 🙂 classic lol


  3. There’s a famous family living less that 5 miles from me, the Roloffs. They are the little people who air the TV series “Little People Big World”. Their farm is really kind of huge and they’ve set it up as a tourist attraction because of the money they’ve made from the series. Each year they advertise for their pumpkin patch and tours on the farm on weekends and every years the Oregon rains wash out the event.

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