Local Color — Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?


This is the wrong time of year to ask that questions. My world has been saturated with the richest colors of nature’s spectrum and I am unable to make such a choice. Though if I must pick an object — or “class of objects” — it would have to be “trees.” In this part of the world, trees are showtime. The heart and soul of every season.

Two red lawn chairs are bright in a wintry woods.

Winter strips the color effectively enough. We live in a black-and-white world from December through March, only traffic lights blinking in red, yellow, and green. And Christmas decorations — red, green, more red, more green.


I wear bright coats and sweaters to compensate for the paled-out world, the utter silent whiteness of it all. Red is the color that holds its own throughout white days and nights.


So I’ll keep red. And, if you don’t mind, I’ll also hang on to red’s close cousins, the oranges and warm yellows. You can build a whole world with those colors. I know. I’ve been living in that world for weeks.


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  1. I love the colors of Autumn and I think your choice is great, I just don’t like the prompt, it bothers me. I think I need to grab a coffee and go on the patio with the dogs and enjoy some unlimited colors of nature. 🙂


    • It’s a difficult prompt, but I’ve stopped taking them literally and just use them as a jumping off place. They aren’t going to get better unless they assign someone else to creating them, so I’ll have to come to them with my own creativity. Photographs really make it easier. Less writing, more pictures!

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      • Yeah. When I am bored, I have been backtracking to when I first started my blog to fill in days when I didn’t write. Back then, the Daily Prompt gave a written prompt as well as a prompt for photography for those who didn’t want to write. They stopped doing that. Oh well…


  2. In an unexpected turn of events I was finishing to read The Giver from Lois Lowry (I’ve read this book several times because it is one of my favorites) before I switched to my computer. I don’t know if you’ve read this book, but the world Lowry depicts is colorless. So when I clicked on your post and saw the photos jumping to my eyes, I realized how awful the world would be without the red, orange and gold colors. Of course, the fact that we have them make us appreciate black and white aven more.


    • I was away for almost a decade and every fall, I missed the trees. It got really bad and I started making my home visit in October, but it wasn’t JUST the autumn I missed. It was also the entire cycle of the seasons … and the people … and the smell. Eventually, I gave in and came back.


  3. Good choice, trees. Lots of colours all in one!


    • At least you get some variety of texture, colors and you can sit under it. It’s alive. Usually. Unless it’s a Christmas tree. That’s either ex-living or entirely fake. I go with entirely fake. Dying trees don’t seem festive to me.


  4. My object would be the sky and the color would be blue. 🙂


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  6. Very well written and the images punctuate it perfectly. Kudos.


  7. Interesting, Mrs. A. I never really thought about how we try to colorize our world during the B&W months of winter.


  8. I like the subtle colors that are most noticeable when the world turns “monochrome” — the tints of green and blue and brown in all those greys. Texture and shape become more important when color is stripped, too.

    The one color I couldn’t live without, though, is green. There are reds that I love, and blues, and even a few that are, technically, some kind of orange (I always insist that I don’t like orange, but I like amber and rust and copper…), but the actual colors I like best are all greens.


    • Guess you are a summertime kind of guy 🙂 For clothing, I generally favor soft neutral colors, but by the middle of winter, I just want hot colors, bright and warm. Because outside, it’s a monochrome world.


  9. Lovely carpet of leaves in wonderful colours.


  10. Beautiful picture



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