Pumpkins on Cape Cod church

From the biggest pumpkin patch, to the most gloriously orange pumpkins, to a house made of pumpkins, to the finest carved jack o’lanterns. It’s that time of year again. Orange, orange everywhere. The world is pumpkin colored, pumpkin flavored. Try the muffins or a have some pumpkin coffee.

19 thoughts on “PUMPKIN TIME AGAIN!

  1. Wonder what it is in our DNA that makes us respond so happily to pumpkins, apart from the fact that such plants have probably long been part of our evolution, which maybe answers my question. Finding a desert squash could be the difference between life and death when water is in short supply. Coming upon these big orange jobs simply rackets up the embedded response. A splendid display.


    • I think it’s the color — orange — though I know that pumpkin is a favorite dish in Africa. Apparently it is served there in many ways. So maybe it is a DNA carryover. I just love the fatness, jolly-looking big orange squashes. Because they are big and orange and jolly, even when I carve them to look slightly demonic.

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  2. Looks like there’s a lot of tradition at that pumpkin patch! I haven’t seen one quite that big before. I suppose my Jim Dandy Farm market comes close. To me it’s the most fun with little kids wandering around all the little ones. You’ve got a nice collection of memorabilia in your collection.


    • Biggest one I’ve ever seen. That church raises pumpkins instead of having cake sales. People come from miles around. I’ve never seen so many pumpkins before. Anywhere. Charlie Brown would be in Heaven.


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