19 thoughts on “A GIFT TO BE SIMPLE”

    1. Thanks! I had a lo choose from, so I went hunting for stuff that was a little different. Skipping flowers and swans to find less typical pictures. I’ve always shot ripples on water. It’s a favorite subject, but it’s difficult to get one that “works.” This was taken with a VERY long lens … like 600 mm.


    1. It was a very old barn. I’m not sure if the window was actually broken or just used really old glass that wasn’t smooth. The whole barn had clearly been made of whatever detritus was lying around at the time, which had to have been more than a hundred years ago. It had two windows, both entirely different and both very crooked. I straightened it because it looked weird in the picture otherwise, but it was actually crooked as was the roof line. The whole building was leaning πŸ™‚ It’s what makes old barns so much fun to photograph. Each one is unique and a bit odd.

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