Lloyd speaks for many of us. Certainly speaks for me.

Lloyd Lofthouse

I do not know when it started,
The religious meltdown
Where I lost my faith
And my family blew away with the wind.

Maybe it started after the death of our family gatherings.
Where grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers and cousins
Drove hundreds of miles to sit around the sagging
Table with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy
Along with pies:
Pecan, pumpkin, apple, mincemeat
And my dad’s favorite, a moist lemon cake
With snowy powdered sugar dusting the top.

On Thanksgiving, my dad and brother-in-law
Competed to see who could eat the most
As football games on TV filled my sister’s house with screaming fans.

It could have been after we stopped celebrating Christmas.
When I was ten and Mike was five,
We huddled behind the closed hallway door along with his younger sisters
Waiting for Santa to leave so we could rush the tree and rip…

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  1. The scandal in the Catholic church along with the famous fallen protestant TV evangelists discouraged the great depression in the Christian church here in the United States. If church members attend church to follow a man in charge of the flock he is sure to fall to temptation sooner rather than later. There’s too much greed in mega churches, now only involving finances but power, control over thousands of souls. Men who follow men are doomed to fail.


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