72-Lackey Dam_035

72-Lackey Dam_006

I haven’t seen any swans around here at all in months. The local ponds, rivers, waterfalls were all  dry, with their muddy bottoms showing.

72-Lackey Dam_003

Kaity tells me she’s seen a lot of swans, but not in the usual places. I assume they went to deeper water. Before the rain started in October, you could walk across Whitin’s Pond.

72-Lackey Dam_029

The ponds are full again. Full of water, full of ducks. I’ve never seen so many ducks. And today, down by Lackey Dam, one swan … and a lot of ducks. The leaves around the pond are dark red to bronze and so, by reflection, is the water.

72-Lackey Dam_004

A fine day for waterfowl.



  1. Nice photos. I think all of the swans are on the Cape. There’s a pond in Harwich that has more than a dozen and a mile away, on Swan Pond in Dennis there’s a family of 5 gracing the waters.. Yesterday I took a walk not too far from you, on the rail trails in Milford, MA and saw a pair of swan in a small pond I passed.


    • I’m glad they survived. I believe I was right and they went to places where the water was still deep enough to swim and of course, there was food. I’ve seen a few locally now, so maybe next year, weather willing, they will be back in the valley.

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  2. During my visit from Liz, my photography student yesterday, Paul commented how the leaves in our backyard were falling like snowflakes as the three of us stood there watching them come down. It took a cold snap then sunshine to bring down the weighted leaves. Trees are looking barren now compared to the indian summer we had this year. It was beautiful!


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