Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 39


Of all of the photos I had lying around my files, these are among the oddest, fitting in nowhere, having been taken between here and there while at a fundraising party for a movie which so far, remains a great idea.

There was a party going on, but I was not there. I was … elsewhere.


19 thoughts on “ODDLY INDEED

    • The party was not my cuppa tea. So I went exploring and I found piles of dishes. And some very odd doors and signs. I got so involved in searching the premises, I forgot there was a party going on 🙂 It was hard to shoot the dishes with the camera I had — not enough light and not a fast lens. So I got into special effects — these were terribly grainy 🙂 Glad to have a place to show them!


  1. Great choices for the oddball challenge, my favorite, not because it’s an oddball but because I just like the photograph is the first photo of the cups and dishes, they look like out of a catalog! Oh, and the night time city shots makes me feel young again, remember dates in the city. Nicely done! 😀


  2. I feel sorry for myself when I’ve been away from your great pics. Too busy with my own writing, I do apologize. But this visit was worth the absence. Love the white cups in waiting.


    • What a generous thing to say. You are so kind and I do lap up those compliments. I don’t spend nearly as much time reading and looking at other peoples’ work as I would like … but if I’m going to produce stuff, I need time. A couple of good posts is a full day’s work and sometimes more. And there’s life, too, that needs to be attended to. And reading. And spending time with friends. So don’t apologize. Creative people are always too busy 🙂

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  3. I particularly like the two shot at night of the cars. I can imagine the fabric of placidity being torn asunder by a Hollywood – better still, Bollywood – insane car chase. Sorry but I’m wired weird.


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