I got tapped by Doobster at Mindful Digressions (who was tapped by Willow over at Willow’s Corner) to participate in a “blog hop” called “Holiday Touring.” A blogger chooses a holiday, then poses 3 questions to 2 other selected bloggers. The questions are about how, if at all, other bloggers celebrate that particular holiday.

Dancing in the dark heritage museum

Doobster’s holiday was New Year’s Eve. He tapped me and TC Connor over at For What Is Most Valued to carry on the Holiday Touring blog hop by selecting April Fool’s Day. Here are the questions he posed to us:

  1. What, if any, April Fool’s Day pranks have been pulled on you? Alternatively, what is your favorite April Fool’s Day joke?
  2. Do you pull pranks or practical jokes on April Fool’s Day? If so, please tell us about some of your best pranks or practical jokes that you have pulled off.
  3. April Fool’s Day should be a national holiday — yes or no? Defend your position.

And now, without further fanfare, comes a much longer than necessary set of responses to what appear, on the surface, to be ridiculously simple questions.

1) Nobody has ever pulled a prank on me, not on April Fool’s Day or any other time. I think my friends simply aren’t pranksters. Not to mention this has never been a “big” holiday in New England. Its main significance to me is that Garry’s birthday is a few days away.

2) WARNING! Gratuitously long answer coming up!

Israel, where I lived for 9 years, does not celebrate April Fool’s Day … but Purim is (in part) celebrated in a similar manner. Even more so because other than Purim, most Jewish holidays are pretty grim. On Purim, though, Israel TV broadcasts faux newscasts and other funny shows. One year, they showed a hilarious version of “Candid Camera.” It had us in stitches for a week. This was back in the eighties when we only had one Israel TV channel and your alternative was Jordanian, Syrian, or Egyptian television, depending on where you lived.

You had to be there.

It came to pass … 1985 maybe? … I was doing what I did. Writing manuals. In this case, for a hardware/software combination product which read fingerprints. Nowadays, we have iris scanners, so this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it was a big deal in 1985. Cutting edge technology.

It was Purim (Note: Purim is not a “get out of work” holiday.) The graphic artist and I colluded to produce a parody of the manual I was writing. I wrote the copy, he did the illustrations. I produced a few bound copies, all very hush-hush, to pass around.

Except the boss found out.

Oy. Busted. I figured I should update my résumé and start job hunting. Instead, he thrust a copy of my mock manual at me and said: “Yours?”

Meekly, I said, “Yes sir.”

“Make me a dozen more of these,” he said. “It’s hilarious. I want to give copies to the investors.” I think I still have a copy of it somewhere in a crate in the attic.

3) Should it be a national holiday? I think it IS a national holiday. Our politics are an all-year-round joke. What, you aren’t laughing?

Boston Commons and Statehouse-HP-1

Now it’s time for my to pick a holiday and pass the torch to some unsuspecting blogger who is just sitting around waiting for me to tag him or her for this honor.

I’m spinning the wheel. Spinning, spinning, spinning … slowing … and it’s …

Swoosique at Cancer Is Not Pink and Bill Brown at Evil Squirrel’s Nest!

And your holiday is … (tension is mounting … the room is silent and everyone is holding their breath in anticipation) … NEW YEAR’S DAY. An official holiday on which nobody ever seems to know what to do. When I was young and still made parties to which people actually came and everything, I gave an annual New Year’s Day Pig Out because I knew that no one ever had plans on New Year’s Day.

Here are the questions:

1) What do you do on New Year’s Day? Sleep off your hangover? Host a Victorian feast for a few dozen good friends? Nothing?

2) What are your plans for the coming holiday, if any. If you have some, tell me (and the world) what they are. If you have no plans or are, heaven forbid, working … explain how you got yourself into that mess.

3) Does New Year’s Day have special meaning to you? I (for example) became engaged to my husband on January 1, 1990. If it doesn’t have special meaning, say whatever is in your heart. Sharing, as they say at WordPress, is caring.

Note: WordPress doesn’t really mean it. Neither do I.

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  1. Hey Ms. Marilyn, I’ve made some changes over on my blog, pretty significant ones, for example, here’s my new URL:
    So, you may want to edit the new URL into my name up above because it takes folks to a site that no longer exists. I apologize for the inconveinance. 🙂


  2. Thank you Marilyn! I will have my post up late this afternoon, seeing another eye surgeon today for one more cataract evaluation. I love the holiday you chose for us! 😀


    • It’s an easy one because (a) no one celebrates it any more (that wasn’t always true, especially in Europe and England), and (b) it’s not a religious festival, so you don’t have to deal with nut jobs complaining you are despoiling their faith. Good luck at the surgeon! I hope this one is a LOT better than the last jerk.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That Purim story is the best!! Love it 😀


    • I didn’t know until after I moved to Israel that Purim had that element — the cross between Halloween trick or treating and April Fool’s Day. They did NOT tell us about that in Sunday School at Temple Israel 😀


  4. I humbly accept the baton passed to me, and will come up with something appropriately fitting my wacked out April Fools/Purim sense of humor sometime very soon…. maybe even before I go to bed tonight! Thank you! This is going to be even more fun than I initially thought it would be…


  5. Nice job, Marilyn. Hey wait, I lived in New England for nearly 20 years and people used to do April Fool’s pranks. And I, for one, am laughing at your answer to #3. Or wait, maybe I’m crying at your answer to #3.


  6. I was an assistant tech writer (of manuals for materials testing machines) for nine months and wouldn’t have gotten away with your Purim Fool’s Day prank. It might have been fun to try! 😄


    • I thought I was dead meat. I was lucky my boss had a sense of humor. He was actually one of the few really decent guys I worked for over the years. Most of them were jerks (or worse) … but he was a good one. At a time when I really really needed it. Not one of my good years.

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