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I know it snowed last Thanksgiving too because I have photographic evidence, but I don’t remember. I know it was a terrible and long winter. That it was bitterly cold before Halloween and stayed cold until the middle of March.

72-Thanksgiving-First Snow_04

It’s not so cold this year. It has actually been a bit warmer than usual, though it’s not warm today. It started snowing — more accurately, sleeting — yesterday morning and has been dribbling icy stuff from the sky ever since. Now, at 3 in the afternoon, it seems to have finally stopped.

Nothing is falling, but the sky is a leaden white that to me, in my unprofessional role of meteorological guru, screams rain. Probably followed by freezing. In other words, ice. We have new snow tires, but they aren’t much help on ice. Nothing, including 4-wheel drive, is much help on ice.

Tempus fugit!

Tempus fugit!

So here are pictures of Thanksgiving Day, 2014. Not the dinner table because nothing is served yet … it’s all in the oven. I can smell it. The best part of Thanksgiving is how good it smells. My nose is singing a Hosanna.

72-Thanksgiving-First Snow_22


  1. A nice light covering of snow while big snowflakes slowly drift down from the skies sets the mood for these holidays, at least in my mind, and then they can melt overnight until Christmas.
    It was 75 yesterday (Sunday 11/30/14) overnight it dipped to 27F and is still below freezing out there. No snow, just c-o-l-d.


    • I remember one year — it was November 18th, sometime in the mid-1990s. It was so warm that morning we had gone out for lunch and walked to the pub in jeans and tee shirts. When we got out two hours later, the temps had dropped by about 40 degrees and it was FREEZING. How fast can YOU run a mile? I think we broke a record. This time of year, the weather is totally unpredictable. Of course, it being New England, it’s never predictable … just a bit worse now 🙂

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  2. We had a “White Thanksgiving” in St. Louis for the first time that I can remember this year! We just don’t typically get our first winter storm until December… but that was our second snow of the year. It’s gonna be another dandy of a winter it seems….


    • I keep hoping it’s just a false start and it’s going to be a nice, mild one with very little snow or ice. I’m probably delusional but I so very much do NOT want to go through a repeat of last year.


  3. I was hoping for New Englanders to have a dry Thanksgiving but it didn’t happen. My friends in Maine got a lot of snow! But your photos make me want to see snow. That’s how beautiful they are. Enjoy the beauty and thank you for sharing it with us. I also hope that you won’t be too cold and will get a break before the holidays.


    • I have to wrap my head around winter. Everything happened so fast this year. It is beautiful and like most of New England, we are prepared for the cold weather. The house is winterized, the car has snow tires — and while he didn’t finish the work on the well, he did the most important stuff. I wonder when the rest will be finished?


  4. If “THEY” could just capture that smell and put it in an aerosol can they would have a winner. I can actually conjure that smell in my mind’s eye, or nose, so to speak.


  5. Early days yet but my wife and I were talking about being in at a white Christmas some time in the near future just a couple of hours back and then I read this 🙂


    • Yes, for the past couple of years, winter has arrived early. A couple of years ago, it arrived before Halloween. I thought that was a bit much and it broke a lot of trees which hadn’t even started to change color yet. Too early, too soon, we all cried. But it was in vain.


  6. Lovely snow pictures! Love your Christmas cactus…I. did have a rather large one that bloomed profusely but it spent a Summer outside and ended up with too much rain. 😦


    • Thanks. I got these too as cuttings from a friend and they apparently thrive on neglect. Because they bloom a lot, every year and I do nothing but occasionally water them 🙂 I NEVER put my plants outside anymore. If the rain doesn’t get them, the sun torches them or the bugs eat them.


  7. Beautiful photos! I can’t wait to get back home to the east coast for Christmas. I’ve been in LA seven years and I’m still not used to eating turkey when it’s 80…..It’s just not right….


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