3,000 POSTS

That’s a lot of posts. Today I crossed a blogging Rubicon. There are so many posts I don’t remember half of them. I rummage through them, hoping to find gold. Sometimes, I do. I figure if I don’t remember what I wrote, probably neither do you.

3000 post state screenshot

It’s funny, really. Yesterday, the prompt asked how long I’d been blogging daily. Personally, it’s just about two years, not counting when I was hospitalized and couldn’t do anything, not even breathe. Then there was the memorable vacation at the Cape Cod house of horrible where the WiFi didn’t work.

However, I should point out that even when I was too ill to personally pen posts (love those P words), Garry and Rich jumped in and filled the gap, so there have been daily posts — at least one, and usually more — for a long time.

And of course, the result is 3,000 posts.

Cape Cod Bathroom

The other result — which I attribute in part to my persistent prolific productivity (say that fast, three times without tripping over your tongue), another piece added to my fascinating and ongoing saga of encounters with Death. And maybe writing stuff that people enjoy reading. Oh, and a few nice pictures, too.


The last couple of month have been the two best months ever, but views are starting to drop as the holiday season gets underway. Of course. Life intrudes on blog-reading-time. It’s been a good year for Serendipity. I’d have to be a total ingrate to fail to say thank you to all of you.

You’ve been here. Reading, encouraging, connecting. You’ve been supportive through some of my most terrible times. You have been more supportive than my family and in a weird way, you have become family.

Thank you. You make life fun and encourage me to soldier on!

As for today’s prompt, it is not stupid. Or silly. It is merely boring, a repetition of a theme which wasn’t interesting the first time around and has not improved with frequent iterations.

I would never strand anyone on an island. If you were stuck on one, if I was able to send you something, I’d send a helicopter to bring you back. Unless, of course, you were “stranded” on Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. Those are two very classy islands and getting stranded is just fine. I’d suggest a cozy cottage somewhere on the road between Vineyard Haven and Edgartown.

Postscript: If one were to get stuck on one of the aforementioned islands, the thing he/she/they are most likely to run out of, is money. So a handful of credit cards with high limits and low-interest would probably be appreciated, I’m sure. And cash is accepted everywhere.

In that case, I’d be happy to get a couple of tickets and join you.

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42 replies

  1. The good thing about posting on your behalf was reading all the posts from before I wandered in and picking out the ones for the day. Of course, I spent oceans of time looking through pictures and that was cool too. I am glad you made it back to push this to 5000 and beyond!


  2. Sometimes, I struggle to get in one post a day, if I include the orples in the picture. 3,000 posts in such a short period of time is truly impressive. Congrats!


  3. Congratulations on 3,000 posts and also on giving today’s daily prompt an interesting twist. Like you I enjoy looking at the map and am amazed at some of the places where people are reading my blogs. My figures are still small enough that sometimes when I check the maps I think “Oh that’s probably D. from Germany popping in” or “That’s my cousin who lives in Ireland; she liked my post on Facebook.” That’s nice, like saying hello to them in person almost but it’s fun to see viewers from Israel, Brazil or the Russian Federation too.


  4. Congratulations and over such a short period of time. Love your fresh ideas.


  5. Congratulations on your 3,000 posts. That’s quite a milestone. You deserve a prize. At least you have our admiration. So many things to learn from you. Very interesting post in a boring day.


  6. Congrats Marilyn….what a cool milestone!


  7. Looking forward to the next 3,000


  8. That takes real drive! Great milestone!


  9. If the prompt were “goal posts” what would you post? 😛

    I’m not counting my posts, partly because it’s a probable fact that I’ll never reach such a prominent milestone as you. (How’s that for “p” alliteration?)


    • I do not count. WordPress does the counting. If you want to know how many posts you’ve written, take a peek at your stats.

      I have no idea what I would write. I never know until I actually have written something.

      I didn’t have a goal. I got here because I post a lot. Just luck (?) I peeked at the stats when I was at exactly 3000. Usually I discover I passed a milestone well afterwards. If I could, I’d take about 1,500 posts and store them offline. Unfortunately, that’s not an option on WordPress.

      I’m not sure why I started blogging or why I keep doing it, except for my compulsive need to write. I have no plans for the future and no goals. That’s also why I don’t know what I’m going to write and why Serendipity has no focus or structure. I’m always surprised when I achieve anything. It’s accident, not design.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Well done. may it continue. 😀


  11. Hearty Hearty Congrats , Marilyn… thats some persistence … WOW !!

    As for today’s posts my thoughts exactly – if I can send my best friend some “stuff” why should s/he stay marooned???


    • Well, it could be Aruba. Or Antigua. Or Martha’s Vineyard. That’s not so much marooned as “Gone Fishing.” Send credit cards and cash is always good 🙂

      I’m really surprised I’ve been blogging this long and so continuously. I would never have believed I could do it … and enjoy it.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Of course I had to check, but on WordPress it’s 1380 + a few hundred on my cat site, which I have neglected. I am not counting my thousand on Multiply, some on Yahoo 350 when it still existed. but they say it is the quality, not the quantity, and so Marilyn you have definitely the quality and congratulations. Do we ever run out of things to say? Never we are woman and always have something to say. Carry on. I switched the snow off on my page, shall I put it back? I think so. Am working on Mr. Swiss, but no positive blogging result up to now, I would love to have a Mr. Swiss page on my blog. I suggested he translated my daily blogs into German for our German friends, but I don’t think he heard me.


  13. Congratulations on 3,000. Wow, that’s a lot of posts. I am at 738, and that includes those that I imported from my old blog on TypePad. If I keep up pace of daily posts, I will achieve 1,000 posts 262 days from now, which would fall on August 20, 2015, which just happens to be exactly one year to the day since I’ve been posting daily without missing a single day. Talk about serendipity.


    • It’s all about persistence. If you continue to post at the rate you are, you’ll post approx. 1000 posts every year. My 3 year anniversary is in February. About a year ago, it was at 2,000. As a sidebar, I wish there was a way to archive posts offline, but there isn’t. You can keep them or delete them, but you can’t put them in a virtual attic.


      • I don’t know. I’d have to average nearly 3 posts a day (2.73, actually), to hit 1,000 a year. I don’t believe I can do that, no matter how persistent or prolific a blogger I might be.


  14. Love this big fat stat! Woot woot, Marilyn! I think I am approaching a sizeable number, still not in the thousands yet, but I can’t seem to manipulate my stats page into answering my questions. Ahhh well…I am always very excited when even just one or two (and according to the stats that my WP WILL show me, you are my most faithful and loyal commenter) shows up to say hello! I feel the same, blogosphere at times being just like family. Here’s to many more posts, dear friend! ❤


    • There are quite a few stats that are hidden. I just go and click on this, that, and the other thing to see what comes up. You can get a ton of information about posts — collectively and individually. But you can’t get daily view counts for anything but the current month. I wish you could. Technically, I’m a premium user so I may get more stats than you do, unless you have bought a premium package at some point along your blogging trail. There’s a lot of information available, but weird holes too.

      Where you are sure there ought to be more information, there isn’t. View counts are a weak area, individual posts are a strong one. I also have a LOT of fun with the map, discovering all the weird places people have read my blog. Countries I didn’t know existed are in there. The world map has changed so much since I was a kid, the sometimes I’m don’t recognize the names of places that ought to be familiar. I look each place up to see what kind of country it is and decide if I should move there 🙂


  15. Wow, congratulations on this milestone.


  16. 3,000 — Congratulations! The Hall of Fame beckons unless PEDs were involved.


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