I was asked how come I’m not bitter at direction which our world, our country are taking. Before anyone says anything, left-wing liberal at your service. And proud of it.

I believe in human rights. Equal rights, equal pay, women’s rights, gay rights, minority rights, animal rights. A fair distribution of wealth. Kindness. Generosity. Honor. Honesty.


In my opinion, recent elections proved most of our citizens — at least those few who vote — are clueless. They have no idea on which side their toast is buttered. No moral sense. No social responsibility. They have allegiance only to themselves. They are so ignorant they are, for all practical purposes illiterate.

So how come I’m not bitter?

I’m discouraged and cynical, but bitter would mean angry. I’ve got little energy and less strength. Who knows how much time? I not going to waste whatever I’ve got on anger.

I believe we are heading down a wickedly destructive road. We’re ruining education. Voting for the worst, most ignorant politicians. Destroying our physical world.

We’re environmentally so evil if any species has earned annihilation, humans have. I doubt our great-grandchildren will have much of a world to worry about, or any remaining freedoms to lose.


It’s not my problem. I’ll be dead by then and past worrying. So yes, I’m cynical. But I’m also disengaged. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’m not marching any more.

I’ve fought the good fight my whole life. I lost. We all lost. The current generation has handed over the world to the very people we battled and turned our victories into defeats. If they have their way, they’ll undo everything we accomplished. It’s appalling, but I won’t spend what time is left me embroiled in one more futile fight.

Moreover, the torch has passed. Future generations will have to do their own fighting, if they care enough to bother. If they don’t care, it won’t matter to me because I’ll be gone.

It will be their world, not mine.

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  1. My kids all seem infinitely more clever and by far more responsible than I was at their age. I think we’re leaving it all in quite capable hands, once the Gordon Geckos of the world are finally…RECYCLED.


  2. It does no good to be bitter and angry… I don’t even watch the news. Why should I? What’s going to happen is going to happen whether I know about it or not… whether I care about it or not… whether I wish things were different or not.

    If my values were put on a political spectrum, I’d be a lot more moderate than you (or many others I follow on WP, it seems)… but I believe the solution to all problems we seem to fight over always lies somewhere in the middle. Nobody wants to reach for that middle ground anymore, because it isn’t the territory staked out by either of our major parties… their turf’s moving farther and farther towards the ultraviolet and infrared ends of the spectrum. it’s a shame, but there’s no use in me, or anyone else getting down about it. May as well just mock it in a comic strip instead…


    • I’m perfectly willing to compromise, but compromise seems to be a dirty word these days. It used to be our lawmakers reached across the aisle to work together for the good of ALL. Now it’s an ongoing bloodbath. WE don’t watch the news either and Garry is a newsman to his bones. These days, he just reads the sports sections, glancing over the headlines in case there’s something we really need to know. It’s painful seeing political division rather than common good dominate our world, but they do and I don’t want to join the battle. In the end, whatever our personal opinions, most sensible people are willing to find a place in the middle where we can agree … but we don’t even have a DMZ, much less a middle ground.


  3. I just dusted off my placard. It’s in the mail.
    Merry Christmas.


  4. I’m actually fairly optimistic at this point. The reason for a lot of our biggest problems- racism- is slowly receding. Not as fast as it should be, but it’s slowly getting there. Young people aren’t reliable voters, yet, but they’ll get there and when they do, things will get better. We experienced a similar thing in California in the 90s. The white majority was losing power and, in a fit of anger, started proposing the worst, most divisive legislation, the best known being Prop 187 which denied any and all services to undocumented immigrants. It also successfully rolled back affirmative action and tried to restrict voting rights. It worked… for a while. But slowly the backlash built and now Republicans have very little power in the state. Even the last governor they got elected- Arnold Schwarzeneggar, actually supported our climate bill, one of the best in the nation, and one that has real teeth. So I look at what’s going on at the national level and see a repeat of that. The reactionaries are on the ropes and they know it. It might take longer, and they’ll do some terrible things before they’re done, but in the end they’re on the wrong side of culture and they’ll lose.


    • I really want you to be right. I would prefer to think that we, as a species, will come to our collective sense before it’s too late … but globally, there is so much so wrong … it’s hard for me to imagine the whole world making a sharp u-turn in favor of taking care of each other and the Earth. But, as I said, I really want you to be right!

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      • The environment is really the big question mark, because we’ve set some forces in motion that we probably can’t stop and we don’t know how they’ll turn out, but I think we’re taking more steps than you often hear about because they’re not at the federal level. At the very least our cities are heading in the right direction.


      • Also, like I’ve said before, I HAVE to be optimistic because I’ve got a child to raise. So I am biased that way.


        • And I have an 18-year old granddaughter and I’d like to know she and her generation has a future. Will have water to drink, air to breathe. That her children can see a live elephant, maybe even a rhinoceros. But.

          I’ve done some traveling and like you, lived outside the U.S. There are a LOT of countries that are less concerned with saving the planet than they are with growing enough food to feed their people. They will do ANYTHING to achieve that goal. Cutting down forests, draining swamps, eliminating entire species of animals, and completely altering the climate means nothing to them if in exchange they get bigger, better crops. While Japan is still hunting whales.

          It’s not just us. Much of the damage is happening in Africa, South America, Asia, India … and we have no control over them. Here at home, the pollution of water and drilling into the bedrock of earth continues … like … what could possibly go wrong with that? What ARE they thinking … or I guess … ARE they thinking?

          And in the southwest — they are draining what’s left of the Colorado aquifer and when you ask them about it they tell you they’ll pipe water in from the great lakes. So, what’s the news on that pipeline? Just wondering how it was progressing.


  5. I share the sentiment. The world will be better off without the human species. I regret our presence here and I regret that our descendants will suffer. My husband says the same thing as you do, ” Not my problem. I won’t be here when it happens.” That makes me wince because part of me wants to see a different outcome.


    • I had the choice to disengage or spend all my time worrying about the world. The worrying and the accompanying rage were not making my life a better place to be, so I chose to NOT think about it. Sometimes, I can’t help it. It jumps up and bangs me over the head, or someone asks me how come I’m not more enraged than I am. I really AM enraged, but I put serious effort into not dwelling on it. It keeps me sane.

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  6. Boy do I agree with you on this post. We’ve gone the way of the Roman Empire, down a path of wicked perversion that cannot be reversed. We are quickly heading for oblivion in the annals of history. We’re the modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah.


    • Putting issues of morality aside, issues of common sense — like not destroying the water we drink and the air we breathe and/or eradicating the animals with whom we supposedly share this earth — are so daunting I can’t see how we will ever survive them.


  7. Whew! It’s a good thing you’re not angry!


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