Recently Acquired – What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

That when it gets right down to it, WordPress treats its customers  as if they are ever so slightly contemptible, as if there is something a bit shameful about following the prompts they provide.

December bouquet

They prefer insulting their customers (and/or making fun of them) to fixing problems they themselves created. Service is not their “thing.”

december bouquet 2

Apparently things like the daily prompt, which I and many other like to write to for the challenge of writing about something we didn’t think up ourselves, according to WordPress is entirely designed to get more people to read our blogs, because people like me couldn’t survive without their help.

december bouquet 3

While there may have been a time when these prompts boosted readership, the way they have handled the prompts (and us) for the past year has cut the participation by at least half. It has so reduced the following for the prompts that of all the things I post, the Daily Prompts get the smallest response.

Probably that also has to do with the frequent reruns of the same prompts and prompts so dull and unimaginative, it’s hard to figure out anything to say.

December Bouquet 4

But no matter. It has become a kind of social network for those of us who have stuck with it. It is fun being in touch with a group who enjoys giving it a try, even when it’s stupid and seeing what other people can do, given the same starting point.

And just to brighten this Sunday morning — the first day in the past week that hasn’t been darkly overcast — enjoy the latest bouquet from my romantic husband who felt I needed new flowers.

He was right!

Have a great Sunday.

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  1. What a romantic fellow you have there! The flowers are beautiful, their colors are so outstanding, it makes me want to ask if you enhanced them digitally? I love that a husband can bring a gift to his wife just to cheer her up and brighten her day. 😀


  2. Enjoy those gorgeous posies, you lucky lady! 🙂


  3. Pretty pictures! And pretty flowers, too. (I too have had a ‘tude with WP ‘service’).


    • It’s not ONLY WordPress. I have issues with today’s customer service in general. The overall attitude seems to be “do the least you can (nothing, if possible) and always assume the customer is a liar and a thief.” It’s an epidemic of disservice. I can’t help resenting it.


      • I totally agree, Marilyn. In addition to my resentment of customer service (or dis-service), is the automation of customer service and automated phone solicitors, it’s ridiculous. It’s so frustrating that by the time I actually get a human being on the line, I’m infuriated, and then it really doesn’t go well!


        • Automated phone solicitors AND voicemail with so many choices you don’t remember the first when you are halfway through the list … AND you have to listen to the entire spiel EVERY time you call that doctor’s office or corporation (“Our choices have recently changed” — recently being 10 months ago and you can sing along with the recording you’ve heard it so many times). It’s infuriating. And then, “You’re business is so important to us …” followed by muzak and a 40 minute wait (or better yet, a long wait followed by a disconnect).


  4. Beautiful flowers! I joined the daily prompt for the challenge, and because I found interesting being in contact with other bloggers from all around the globe writing about the same subject.


  5. When I first started my all purpose blog I used to do the Daily Prompt’s quite often but now I find I’m not really interested in the suggestions any more. That may be the fault of WordPress or it may be that the prompts don’t fit in with the direction I’m going in, or maybe a bit of each. I’m having more fun doing photo challenges set by fellow bloggers these days.


    • I have no particular direction, but even so, most of the prompts are lame, dull, and repetitive. I do photo challenges too, but I enjoy writing about stuff I might never think to do. The problem is, the prompts are not inspiring. Every once in a while, a good one pops up … but mostly not. And many fewer bloggers are participating, so it’s less fun.


  6. I just learned you changed your layout. I like it. I like the cleaner looking sidebar and like that your photos don’t appear “greyed” out unluss you do a mouse-over (I had to fix that on my page which is also using Misty Lake, your old one). Looks good!


    • Thank you. I actually bought this one (finally). I liked its clean look and simplicity. I especially like the left sidebar (rather than one on the right). The template uses the whole screen, so the pictures get a good presentation. It was the best I could do and still keep a sidebar. Thanks for the feedback!!

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  7. What a sweet husband and beautiful pictures!


  8. I don’t have a big problem with WordPress. I have to find a place somewhere in this cyber world and I write for myself mainly. The prompts just help to point me in a direction as I often run out of ideas. I can always do my own thing, but I have trouble with the timetable. I like to do a lot of things during the day and I really want to fit them in. I just allot my “me” time in the afternoon for my blog. I could write in the evening, but I prefer to curl up with a good book. sometimes I think I have more stress than when I was working.
    I was once in a blogless state when Multiply was closing down. I looked at all the places I could go. Blogger is really for I, me and myself and no-one is encouraged to even look at another blog. Unless you start a group yourself you can forget it. I looked everywhere, but eventually settled in WordPress. I could bring some complaints. Their software seems to be fraying at the edges now and again but no site is perfect and at least I can hope that WordPress will stay and not sell out. Whether more or less people do the daily thing, I don’t really care, I read them all the same.


    • The platform isn’t the problem. It’s the lack of support, the unwillingness to fix problems or even acknowledge they exist. We are not “just bloggers” using their free platform to become (ahem) rich and famous (I seem to have missed both of those boats). We are CUSTOMERS. I pay for customization and I paid for my template. I bring in — and so do you — traffic — which allows them to sell advertising. That is what keeps them in business. You worked in business. I worked in business. We dealt with customers and I would have been out on the street had I treated customers without respect.
      It’s not JUST WordPress. It’s a trend wherein companies just assume they can ignore or mistreat customers because there are always more where they came from — except eventually, their own arrogance brings them down. I have problems with companies which treat customers badly. It’s poor business and bad manners. I don’t argue with the fact that there’s nothing better out there right now, but eventually there will be. It’s too rich a market for other organizations to not mine such fertile soil. Whether I’ll bother to move is another issue. I’m getting old and tired and I doubt I’ll blog forever, no matter what the platform. But WordPress has really left a bad smell in my nose. They have been rude and disrespectful to me when I asked for help and I don’t deserve that. It’s hard not to take it personally because it WAS personal.


  9. Gorgeous photos of flowers. I do read your blogs. 😀


  10. I’m getting so I hate Ben Huberman. 😦 He doesn’t even seem to care what he puts up as a prompt.


  11. I never thought about it that way. My traffic on prompt days looks the same as “me” days, so I am not sure what that means then.


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