A bit of great music from the very young Beatles and an apology.

I can’t do this. It’s a challenge I can’t meet. Maybe I just don’t want to. This is supposed to be a writing challenge. I have no idea how to write in single syllables. I’m doubt I ever did. I can’t even write my name in a single syllable. Or that of my husband.

So, enjoy the Beatles. It’s a song in as close to single syllables as I could find. We very recently watched “Hard Days Night,” and it was as much fun as the first time we saw it. Sing along why don’t you?

One at a time, Daily Prompt

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  1. I was thinking about trying to write a post using only one-syllable words. “It was a dark and damp night and there were but a few on the street. One strange man stood next to a light pole and….” But then I decided I’d rather listen to “Can’t Buy Me Love.”


  2. I love the Beatles! This stirs thoughts of tender adolescent moments and daydreams and innocence. Thanks for the memories! 😀


    • P.S. I really like the change to your theme!


    • It reminds me of being young and bouncy. Been a long time since I’ve bounced much. Did you get the “apology” from Huberman about the pingback problem?

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      • I haven’t looked to see if there was anything more about the pingback. Where was it posted, on/in that forum thread?


        • This is the text. It was an email, dated today:

          Here at The Daily Post, nothing thrills us more than seeing so many bloggers come in every day to share their work with the community. Whether it’s in response to our Daily Prompts, Writing Challenges, or Photo Challenges, we love to witness the discussions and friendships that emerge from interaction on our pages.

          Which is why we’re particularly sorry that many of you have been experiencing technical problems while creating pingbacks to our site in recent weeks.

          We’d like to thank all of you for the patience you’ve been showing while we work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. It’s already taken us longer than we’d hoped for, but we want to make sure we get it sorted out once and for all.

          In the meantime, those affected should feel free to share their challenge entries as links in the comments of each challenge post. We’ll let you know as soon as pingbacks once again work for everyone.

          The Daily Post Editors

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  4. You and that damn Daily Prompt, it seems you have a love/hate relationship with it. I’m almost positive you’ve tried finding daily prompts elsewhere. I can look at any old inanimate or animate object(s) and be prompted. At times it’s as if everything I look at is screaming for me to write about it. Information overload to the max. I’m weird.

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  5. What a daft prompt. Why would you want to try to write like this – no beat, no soul…But then not to fret – all is not lost – great to hear the Fab Four – yeah, yeah, yeah 🙂

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  6. The Beatles make me think about car rides with my dad! Thanks. I can’t write my own name in one syllable “Lary”. Four letters, two syllables.


    • I’m Marilyn. My husband is Garry. Our dogs are Bishop, Bonnie, Amber and Nan. So one of four dogs and neither of the people in this house are single syllables. I don’t know what, if anything , is the point of the exercise, but I didn’t feel like trying. Nothing fun in it and it’s supposed to be fun.

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      • Sounds like a Mickey Spillane novel. I’m Garry. I’m the Dog God. It’s cold. I don’t like it. My gun is no longer quick. Kiss me deadly.


  7. I grew up with the Beatles, although they came from Liverpool in the North. Down South we were more into Rolling Stones, but I nevertheless still have the original edition of the beatles first LP. If my older son had not played with it so much, it would now be worth money, but unfortunately the cover suffered under his hands. Beatles were my time, my teenage years, the Mersey beat accompanied my younger years. I still now the words of most of their songs, the combination of John Lennon and Paul McCartney was unique.

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    • The Beatles were the first pop music I really loved. I think I saw “Hard Day’s Night” every day — at the movies — for a week. It was the sound of coming into adulthood. I like the Stones too, but the Beatles changed music and the world. In a good way.


    • Mrs. Swiss. Can’t we be a little more personal? Anglo doesn’t sound right. Call me Garry. Call me Gar. I grew up with (dare I confess this?) Perry Como, Doris Day, Joni James, Patti Page, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Rosey Clooney, Nat Cole and other “Pop” singers. We had all kinds of music in our home. Classical, Broadway, Popular/Standards, Jazz, Big Band and Jazz. We had 78s, LPs and, later on, 45s. Rock ‘n roll was regarded as ‘renegade’ music. My parents regarded it with great suspicion. Still, I went down that road to perdition with Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Elvis, The Everly Brothers and all the others. I mixed it in with folks music which really was first love. I saw Joan Baez (and fell madly in love) in one of her first concerts back in 1960. The Beatles actually were news assignments for me and then I began to appreciate their music, more and more so over the ensuing decades. Play it again, Sam.


      • Hi Garry, Pat reporting from Switzerland. I also grew up a little with Perry Como, we had his show on the BBC TV in England. In our home Fats Waller was a well known artist tickling the ivories thanks to my dad. I grew up with Ain’t misbehaving and My very good friend the milkman said etc. etc. but I was a teenager in the swinging sixties of London. Carnaby Street and all the trimmings with Beatles and Stones etc.. Then one day in Switzerland I met Mr. Swiss (Marcel). He started playing drums as a teenager and is still a jazzer. This means that in the 46 years of my married life I am now a reluctant expert on Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderly, Chet Baker, Dave Brubeck, John Coltrane etc. etc. My computer is full of blogs and photos and his is full of iTunes – jazz. He played in many jazz groups. I have been to many jazz concerts where he played and he was one of the grounders of our local jazz club. Now and again he has a get together with his one time colleagues, although now all elderly jazzers. We had a large collection of 78rpm at home, most of them bought by my dad at the local market. Amongst others was Minnie the Moocher and Kicking the Gong Around by Cab Calloway. Yes I had a very versatile musical background. Bill Haley is my first memory of Rock and Roll and then came Elvis, although I was an Eddie Cochran fan. I remember the times of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and I loved Chuck Berry’s recording of Memphis Tennessee. I knew all the Everly Brothers words to their songs and when Buddy Holly died a vacuum was left behind. and and and. No stop, I could go on forever. Your brought some good memories back.


  8. Bingo ! Straight forward Response…….I liked the picture. 🙂


  9. At least the title of their song is all one syllable words, so you kind of met the brief! It’s a fun interpretation anyhow… if in doubt, play some Beatles.


  10. Don’t blame you at all. I didn’t even try.


  11. You turned the impossible into fun. 🙂

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