Not being able to sleep is a serious bummer. In my case, it’s my back. I can’t find a comfortable position and the drugs that are supposed to make me sleep are not nearly as strong as the back pain. It’s not that I don’t sleep at all. I sleep a little. Restless, light sleep and then I’m up again. Waking and sleeping and waking again. As I said: Bummer.


It gives me a lot of time to think during those long, uncomfortable nights. I think about what I should do that I haven’t done. I really get myself going by thinking about what I did do that I shouldn’t have done. Best of all, there is what I should have done differently. In that direction lies true madness and I don’t recommend it.

Eventually, I crawl out of bed, get sort of dressed. I turn on the coffee, throw the dogs out into the cruel world to do their business, then settle into the recliner in the living room. Blearily drinking coffee as the sun sort of rises. It’s been grey and dark for the past three days, so it never really feels like daytime has come and sunrise is just a slightly lighter color grey than night.

Right before bed last night, Garry and I were having a conversation. It was a reminder of why I love that man. We were talking about baseball. For those of you who aren’t fans and don’t follow this stuff, the “winter meetings” are in progress. This is when teams dig into their pockets, pull out their checkbooks, and negotiate with players.  Whatever the holes in their lineups — pitching, hitting, fielding — they are going to try to sign players to fill the roster for the coming year. Hopefully, for a lot longer than just one season.


The Red Sox, our home team, traded away pretty much the entire pitching staff at the end of last season in favor of a bunch of sluggers. Not that it helped much because we still managed to get a firm grip on last place and hold it to the bitter end.

So, no one is arguing they didn’t need the offensive players, but perhaps they might have shown a bit more restraint in cutting loose people like Jon Lester, who clearly didn’t want to be traded and is the el primo pitcher in baseball. This week, as the meetings continue, they are trying — balls to the wall — to get him to come back to Boston — and he isn’t playing nice. No home town discounts this round of talks.

I said “They over-estimated their ability to sweet-talk him back to Boston.”

Garry said “They over-estimated their clout at the winter meetings.”

I said “They under-estimated how pissed off he was at getting traded.

And Garry summed it up. “Hubris,” he said. “Hubris. Gets them every time.”

Hubris: (noun) Excessive pride or self-confidence. Synonyms: arrogance, conceit, haughtiness, hauteur, pride, self-importance, egotism, pomposity, superciliousness, superiority; more. Antonyms: humility
(In Greek tragedy) Excessive pride toward, or defiance of, the gods, leading to nemesis.

“Hubris,” I agreed. “That covers the whole thing.” After which we stumbled off to bed.

But in how many husband-wife discussions does “hubris” figure? Not a lot, in my experience. That we can have conversations like this and not have to say “Come again?” or “What do you mean by that?” makes a world of difference, to me at least.

Better yet, it was all about baseball. They should have held on to Lester. Especially in view of the fact that Lester just signed with the Chicago Cubs for 6 years at $155,000,000 with a 7th vesting year that could take the contract up to $170,000,000.

Theo Epstein, who left the Red Sox with a mad on because they didn’t treat him well — and Lester, who was unceremoniously traded by the Red Sox against his wishes and thus also departed with a mad on, got together to jointly stick it to the Red Sox. I’m sure they are both smiling. Chicago has reason to celebrate while Boston scrambles to find a couple of top-quality pitchers. Good luck with that.

Hubris, hubris, hubris.

(Note: In case the Daily Prompt gets their act together this is part of today’s dysfunctional prompt: All or Nothing? – “Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” — Sylvia Plath

The Red Sox wanted everything. I hope they don’t end up with nothing.

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  1. I think it was that lowball extension offer they made Lester last year that really pissed him off and had him intent on signing elsewhere… if nothing else, had they offered him something more in line with his talent, there’d have never been a need for a trade. I would sign a 70 million dollar contract in a heartbeat, but I’m also not one of the best lefthanded pitchers in the game. It does seem like the epicenter of arrogant baseball ownership has moved north from the Bronx to Boston….


    • Agreed. 100% agreed. What’s really getting on our nerves in a very bad way is that there’s not even any chatter about the Sox picking up one of the other few premium pitchers currently negotiating. Are they really going to try to go into the season without any aces? I know I shouldn’t let this get to me, but I’m really upset. Garry is even MORE upset than I am. This was the wrong day to give up sniffing glue, I’m telling you.


      • My guess is they’ll end up being the team that trades for Cole Hamels… especially now that Philly is in need of a new shortstop, and I’m sure they’d like to have Xander Boegarts (and some of those other sluggers the Sox are hoarding)…


  2. So here is my most fervent hope: that the Cubs will finally, finally put their own curse to rest in 2015, with Lester on the mound. That my dear Uncle Lennie, the last surviving Cub to have played in a World Series, will see the miracle happen.
    After that, I think the Cubs will find that Lester loses his “stuff” and they have to overpay for 5 years.


    • Garry knows of your uncle since he does (or did) stuff on the radio. He was the only Lennie on the 1945 Cubs roster 🙂 I hope he finally gets to see the team win, too. I remember when the Sox won in ’04 after all the years of getting close but never winning … we sat there stunned, waiting for the other shoe to drop. We didn’t believe it. They actually WON. It can happen. Because it HAS happened.
      Lester is good. If he stays uninjured, the Cubs might just get their money’s worth.


  3. I know very little about baseball. Hubris I’m all too familiar with.


  4. Well, for what it’s worth, my San Francisco pals are pretty upset with the Red Sox for spiriting away The Panda, Pablo Sandoval. But even with sluggers like The Panda and, of course, Big Papi, they need pitching and it sort of serves them right that Lester joined Epstein at the Cubs.


    • They could’ve had Lester for $110,000,000 in May — but Lucchino is an arrogant asshole. So now we have sluggers … and NO ace pitchers. We have no one at the top of the rotation. Stupid. Maybe a little balance would work out better?? Garry obviously agrees with you. I suspect most of us do.


  5. I think hubris arises frequently in conversations between husbands and wives but not as a TOPIC for conversation.

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  6. Though I don’t follow the game but really enjoyed the conversation. Hoping like hell that they will fix the problem soon. 🙂 Happy match watching to both of you friends. 🙂 Enjoy it without pain.

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    • I’m beginning to think they are never going to get it fixed. Despite their protestations, I doubt they are devoting significant resources to fixing it. They could just roll back the changes that are making the problems, but I guess that would be too easy.

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      • Hubris by any other name in Red Sox Nation is Larry Lucchino who really calls the shots. Principal Owner, Jon Henry has given Larry the keys to the kingdom. General Manager Ben Cherrington is baseball savvy but still must take marching orders from Lucchino. Lucchino is still feuding with Theo Epstein who took his marbles to the Chicago Cubs because Larry wouldn’t play fair. Get it? Got it? Good!


  7. Viva Red Sox (have made a note to visit a baseball match when the next time in the States). At the moment the main theme and topic of Mr. Swiss-Angloswiss conversations is where the last or present pain is located. He found one this morning in the right hip, I had that one last week. I decided this morning to have a painless day and was full of action until this afternoon when I got a pain in the ….. seeing the daily prompt which wasn’t. Most nights I sleep OK, now and again have a sleepless one probably thinking what to blog about.

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    • They spent so much time yesterday at WordPress explaining how HARD they are working to solve the linkage problems, it just figured it would have a zero response today. You are lucky you sleep. I would like to sleep. I seem to sleep best sitting up in front of the TV. When I go to bed, I fall awake. And it is a very busy week coming up, so it would be nice to not be only semi-conscious. If you are ever in the neighborhood, we can definitely go to a game. Or pretend we did and watch it on TV armed with pretzels and hot dogs.

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      • Mr. Swiss has sleep problems. He sleeps 5-6 hours, I need at least 7-8 hours. the problem is that he is awake and ready to go at 5.30 in the morning and I cling to the sheets until 7.30 which can be irritating. Anyhow I sleep with my small iPad next to the bed in case I am bored. I never fall asleep in front of the TV because I don’t usually watch it, I read a book, but I sleep about an hour daily after lunch (in bed), and so does Mr. Swiss (on the settee) where he probably does his catching up.


        • I have my laptop open in the living room while Garry watches TV and when we get into bed, I am almost always listening to an audiobook and not watching TV because Garry watches wearing headphones and there’s no sound — so even if I wanted to watch (mostly, I don’t) I could only see it, but not hear it. I think it’s the recliners in the living room. They are more comfortable for my back these days than the bed is. It’s an angle or something.

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    • Just so you don’t feel embarrassed when you come over to watch baseball, we call it a GAME not a MATCH.

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