I opened one eye. Just a little. Snow, definitely snow. Falling on my house. My trees. My deck.

“It’s not fair,” I think to myself. “We have to go into Boston tonight. Not snow. No, no, no, NO!” I’ve still got “Can’t Buy Me Love” stuck in my head.

I consider just staying there, under the covers. But my head hurts . Coffee thoughts are milling around. That and the realization that the dogs would need encouragement to actually go outside. They seem to think if the weather is bad, they should be allowed to stay in. Use the floor.

Two Terrier 7

Do we, their humans, go out to the yard to do our business? So how come they have to, huh? Pointing out they are dogs and we are not doesn’t carry any weight with them. They look at me, and I can see little thought balloons: “And your point is?” they are thinking.

I struggle into some P J pants and a sweat shirt. Usually I get dressed before I leave the bedroom. Maybe not fancy, but real clothing, more or less. Hair combed, face washed, teeth brushed. My “face the world” look … but we have a concert this evening and I’m going to have to get  properly dressed later. Twice in a day is once too many.

kitchen window january

In the kitchen, the platoon of furry faces is waiting. Panting with eagerness. I explain, again, the whole going out thing and like a pack of clowns in the circus, they race, hop, and limp down the stairs. They all try to go out the doggy door at the same time. Lots of scrabbling of paws on the floor. Bunch of clowns.

“One at a time!” I yell, but they ignore me and continue to fight their way out. My headache is getting worse. I click the coffee to “on” and wait. I hear the thunder of paws as all four dogs charge back up the stairs.

“You didn’t DO anything out there,” I reprove them. They only stayed out an eighth of a second. They didn’t have time to do anything. Nonetheless, I give them each a greenie, and they go to their separate places to furtively consume, lest some other dog steal a crumb. I haven’t had a chance to reconnoiter before they are back.

As I write, the snow is falling.

As I write, the snow is falling.

“You haven’t finished chewing yet,” I point out, but it doesn’t matter. One biscuit is not enough. They need another (and another and another) and I give them another one and wish the coffee would brew faster because I’m going to crumple to the kitchen floor and just lay there moaning.

And finally. Enough coffee to put into the cup. We use big cups. With covers. So we don’t wind up with our coffee in our keyboards. Usually I am polite and wait for the coffee to finish brewing before I take some, but this morning, I want it and I want it right now. If Garry wants first crack at the coffee, he can get up earlier.

I know he’s awake, really. I saw his eye open. He was looking at the clock, calculating if he could get another couple of hours of sleep. 10:15 is right on the cusp of “get up or roll over.” It can go either way. I hear him moving around the bedroom, so clearly getting up won.

I got the first cup of coffee. But oh, happy day, the dogs will get another biscuit.

Daily Prompt: Ready Set Done

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  1. We have our green tea in lid cups early in the morning. I pour hot water and put few grean leaves in the seive, immerse it in water, close the lid and after a minute wow! Freasly brewed tea is ready. I can imagine how difficult it is to go out in snow. We stayed in Uttranchal for three years and it used to receive heavy snowfall during month of Jan. I loved the expressions on your dog’s face. 🙂


    • That’s Nan’s “Biscuit??” face. Most years, we get a lot of snow, often as early as November and not seeing the ground again until it all melts toward the end of March. I’m hoping this year will be easier. Last year was really bad. We were actually iced in for weeks and could not get out of our driveway. Finally, someone came with a tractor and cracked the ice off, but it was scary.

      I love green tea. It’s hard to get tea leaves here. Mostly, everything comes in tea bags and it is never fresh.

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  2. One of the funniest things I’ve read in a while, because it is true and relate-able (a word I made up),”but we have a concert this evening and I’m going to have to get properly dressed later. Twice in a day is once too many.” 😀


  3. That’s why I have cats. I got told I need a dog once, why?


  4. Great post and I love that photo in the kitchen looking out. Your dogs are just adorable too. 😀

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  5. “10:15 is right on the cusp of ‘get up or roll over.’ It can go either way.” Oh how I wish I could get to 10:15. 6:15 is more like it for me. Good luck with the dogs and snow and the Pops tonight.


  6. Love your doggie picture. My cat will ask to be let out. I open the door. It’s raining. He walks to the back door. I open that. It’s raining outside that door, too. He gives me a critical look. I sure wish I had the power he thinks I have!


  7. I don’t have dogs to enjoy the snow with, but I have four sons. Oh, and we have about six inches of the white stuff since 1 am.


  8. It snowed here a little while back. Enough to cover the ground. Now it’s back to rain. I miss the days when we could open the door and let the mutts out, but for now we have to walk them down to the first floor and carry our own butts around the park while they do their business. Ah, the joys of apartment living. not.


  9. For these times I go more for Bob Dylan than the Beatles – “It ain’t me babe, No, no, no” Other than that it sounds like some mornings here. This morning very, very light flurries.


  10. Reduce the amount of dogs to one, double the amount of coffee, change the snow to drizzling rain, and you have just described my morning. 🙂 But I have no concert to look forward to tonight…I know the frustration, however, of missing a performance due to weather. Once due to floods…another time we missed Andre Watts performing Rachmaninov due to snow. Soooo disappointing…I hope you can make it tonight–safe travels!

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    • It doesn’t seem to be accumulating much right now. I think the ground is too warm. I hope it continues this way. This may be the highlight of our holiday season! The Pops are so much fun and these are GREAT tickets.


  11. Yup, we had 6″ of snow this morning, too. Puppy Cody loved romping in it, but when it became time to do her business, she quickly realized that the snow was right up to that area of her body. I don’t know if she was happy that she didn’t actually have to squat, but she seemed pretty eager to return to the house.

    At least here in Buffalo, we’re only supposed to get another inch or two of snow today – if it’s the same where you are, hopefully your drive into Boston will be an easy one.


  12. Has been awhile since Kizzie has had a greenie, and for Lucy, too… maybe a Christmas present? 🙂


  13. Looking outside and one word comes to mind, YECH! I know we have tickets to the Pops Christmas Concert tonight. It’s a conspiracy, I know it — deep in my achin’ bones.


  14. Snow is cold for doggie paws.

    Enjoy the concert!


  15. I spent the first 20 years of my life going outside – that was where the little hut was, in the garden. Otherwise I hate it when I have to go somewhere and it starts snowing. That is a good idea with the lid on the cups to stop the coffee flowing into the computer – any suggestion how I could do it with my bowl of cereal and milk in the morning?

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    • I gave up eating cereal, but I haven’t given up cookies or crackers and have yet to conquer crumbs. I do not have coffee in the keys, but I have a little bit of everything else I’ve ever consumed in front of the computer. The snow is drifting down my monitor and I look up and it’s doing exactly the same thing for real outside. Not fair! I’m not ready! Make it stop!



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