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Chistmas Eve 2013 gifts

Holy Moly! The pingbacks have returned! Can I believe my eyes? It must be Christmas!

I don’t know about you (though I can make an educated guess), but I have a full dance card this time of year. It would be hard to figure which of the many tasks remaining is the most pressing. Discounting everyday chores, the one that looms largest is the same one which every year, I procrastinate doing until later and later … sometimes until Christmas Eve itself! I’m generally not a procrastinator. Really.

Wrapping. The. Presents.

I bought paper. I bought gift bags. I bought ribbon and little sticky labels. I still need bows, but even without them, I’m good to go.

I am a capable, fast, and occasionally artistic gift wrapper. But over the years, watching people pick up their gifts, rip the paper and ribbons off without so much as checking to see whose name is on the label (like who is giving me this gift?) well, it has taken some of the bloom off that particular rose.

I used to put a lot of effort into beautifully wrapping packages. Now, I just wrap them. In whatever paper is the right size. Okay, I try to vary the paper so it make a pretty pile. And coördinate ribbons and bows to complement the colors in the paper. Make sure that I don’t give the fluffy pink kitties to the boys.

However, I don’t go that extra mile. I was probably over the top anyway. I made my own bows using miles of curling ribbon. Nobody can curl ribbon better than I can. But I was young and eager.

In recent years, I get wrapping done quickly, efficiently, neatly. Then I stand, admiring my handiwork for a while, hoping I haven’t left some important gift in the back of a closet where it may never be found.

Xmas gifts

Every year, I lose at least one expensive, important gift. I have reached an age where I should not be allowed to hide anything unless someone else knows where I’ve put it. Because the odds are high I will not remember where I put it. I may never remember. The next time it will see the light is when I am carried out of here, feet first, and my closets are finally emptied. It will be like archaeology.

When I am done with the wrapping, after I pick up all the little bits of paper, ribbon, and tape? I’m going to sit down in my recliner and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” While having a cup of cocoa. Does anyone have a better idea?

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  1. My very artistic daughter wraps her gifts so beautifully that no one even wants to open them, and when we do open them, it is done very carefully. Really, she could wrap up a box of saltines in such a way that the receiver would be grateful to have it.

    She also makes her own gift tags and cards – again, too beautiful to discard. I usually find myself saving them to hang on next-year’s tree.

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  2. Except for the grandchildren, everyone asks for gift cards. Not much wrapping there. I love to wrap. I like different paper for each person and I like the papers to be color coordinated. Most of the time, I just get creative with the sticky bows. But, I do like wired ribbon for making easy pretty bows.

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    • Kaity wanted gift cards for the past two Christmases and birthdays … but this year, she wanted (and needed) a new pair of Uggs … a lot more than a gift card from us would cover. She has very difficult feet and Uggs (or that style of boot) are the only winter footwear she can use. So she got her Uggs … and I have to wrap them. I like making bows. I’m a curling ribbon kind of gal, but I can work with any ribbon, including regular old ribbon ribbon. I collect dolls, so if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s make bows. Little tiny bows, big decorative bows. Bows around tiny doll braids. Bows are us.

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  3. Cocoa, recliner, It’s a Wonderful Life, but never mind the wrapping. Sound’s just fine.

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  4. They moved Christmas this year didn’t they? I mean it can possibly be in one week already. It was just Thanksgiving…what happened?

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  5. Congratulations on your wrapping success. I am hopeless, so when I can I have it wrapped in the shop (they do it free in Switzerland).


  6. Funny — as I was wrapping a couple of gifts to mail, I thought of how when I was a kid I had to have the BEST paper and I’d spend HOURS wrapping a present until it was a real work of art. I saw that was a metaphor…


    • I don’t know about you, but I also had a lot fewer packages to wrap back when — and the cost of even good paper was a lot less. Garry wanted to buy a box of Christmas cards for those people who actually send paper cards and his immediate family. They were all at least $25 for even the simplest cards. And “nice” paper? Yikes!

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      • I just get a big roll and “bear it out until the edge of doom.” I make cards every year because I LOVE Christmas cards. Usually I use Vistaprint and put one of my paintings on the card. This year I made a cyber version of it, not cool cyber just a pdf.


        • I bought 4 big rolls and some bags and a huge roll of curling ribbon. Hopefully, it will be enough. There aren’t an endless pile of gifts this year … not like there were when Kaity was little … but some of them are a bit largish. I guess I’ll find out! I probably should wrap soon, just in case it isn’t enough. Hm. I made my own cards until a couple of years ago. As my health has gone downhill, my ambition has gone with it. Last year, I think I bottomed out.

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  7. Oh I really can’t stand wrapping gifts. They never seem to turn out right. Its funny though because Mom is master-gift-wrapper and does all sorts of things and makes dazzling creations to make the packages even more beautiful.

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  8. “I should not be allowed to hide anything unless someone else knows where I’ve put it.” I have a suggestion. As you are hiding gifts, you should jot down where you have hidden it. You know, make a list and check it twice.


  9. Brilliant. Made me laugh out loud. I found an item, wrapped up in a plastic bag, at the back of the cupboard over my wardrobe two days ago. Wondering what I had discovered, I was amazed to find a jumper I had bought as a Christmas present for my house mate two years ago. Goodness knows what else is hidden around the house. Ah well, one less present to buy this year!

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    • A few items have never reappeared. A marriage pot (Navajo) bought as a wedding present vanished without a trace. Several pairs of brand new gloves and a couple of sweaters for various people. They are probably in the back of my closet or some closet anyhow, under something else. The other day, I was searching for something and found TWO missing down comforters that I replaced over a year ago. They were exactly where they were supposed to be and where I had already looked. Don’t say anything. I don’t want to hear it.

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  10. I have been done shopping for a month now but I haven’t started wrapping yet. I am already thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions.


  11. At best I’m a bag and tissue paper kind of guy. If it’s a special gift to a special person it gets wrapped and has a bow on it. If I live with the recipient I just hand the gift to you, unwrapped.

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