Final Trio

For our final trio prompt of the year, write about any topic you wish, but make sure your post features a bookcase, something cracked, and a song you love.

almost christmas

Today is December 20 and Christmas is just 5 days away.

There’s something alarming about that statement. Actually, there is a lot of alarming in that statement. First of all, there’s got to be some kind of serious error because the day before yesterday, it was Thanksgiving and I’m pretty sure I’ve still got some leftovers in my refrigerator. Probably I should deal with that before they grow legs and try to make a run for it.

The house is appropriately Christmasy, from the bookcase full of sentimental seasonal films, to the cracked glass ornaments we hang anyway. I don’t throw away things I love because they are imperfect. If I had to be perfect, I’d have long since been sent to the dustbin.

poinsettia almost christmas

Saturday morning, less than a week from Christmas. I ought to be bustling about, wrapping and cleaning and arranging. Maybe not. It’s not such a huge event this year. No need to rent extra chairs or extend the table. Just some wrapping, run the vacuum over the dusty rug. Rearrange the cards and flowers on the table. Our lives are much neater than they used to be. Without kids in the house, we only need to contend with the disorder created by three small doggies — plus one giant hairy heap of dog.


Of all our canine packs, this is the best mannered. Never mind that Bonnie has determined to prove she can bark more than any dog in history. She goes outside and doesn’t shut up for hours. We finally locked her — locked all of them — in the house last night in the hopes that she would forget about whatever it was that was setting her off. There are probably deer hanging around the house. We’ve seen a lot of them lately. Our dogs don’t bark at people. In their reckoning, people are fine. They have to protect us from other animals, especially other dogs.

nan almost christmas

Our friendly neighborhood bobcat really sets them on their collective ears. He stands right outside the fence and taunts them. I’ve read all the handouts from the wildlife people who say the bobcats are very shy and run away at the first sign of human activity, but not our bobcat. He isn’t afraid of us OR the dogs and is smart enough to realize the dogs can’t get out of the fenced yard. So he sits there, like any household feline, casually washing his paws and ears while the dogs go berserk. As do the neighbors.

Bishop Almost Christmas

Bonnie doesn’t need any special reason to bark. She is highly communicative. Not so much conversational as given to loud monologues. Maybe she is singing carols for the other dogs? If so, they are mostly not picking up her cue. With a little luck, she will finally go hoarse.

In the spirit of both Christmas and a night of one silent night of No Barking, Garry’s favorite Christmas song.

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18 replies

  1. Your bobcat must have a little squirrel in him! Sit just outside the reach of the doggies who are upset at your very presence while passively mocking the fact that they can do nothing about you being there!


    • He has quite a lot of squirrel in him. The bobcat ATE all our squirrels. And the rabbits. And as many chipmunks as he could catch. He really chows down on all the small critters. AND he has a serious attitude problem.


      • LOL…. with your description, I honestly can’t decide if that bobcat is totally awesome, or if he really needs to have his ass kicked. Actually, maybe both apply.


        • I admire his efficiency and determination. I have watched him hunt and it really is awesome, almost surreal. But I miss the squirrel and bunnies. I literally haven’t seen a single squirrels or rabbit since he took over the territory from his mom. I mean, what else is he supposed to eat? Not exactly a herbivore and the deer are a little too big. He is only a little bigger than a housecat (western bobcats are much larger than our New England version). I too have ambivalent feelings, but I wish he’d eat more chipmunks and mice. They are real pests!


  2. The dogs are just so cool! The song is also one of my favorites, although I know it better in French. It’s perfect for today as we celebrate the winter solstice. Silence. Pause.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


  3. Such wonderful faces your dogs all have! ❤ 🙂


  4. Beautiful version of silent night. Thank you for sharing it. I love that song. And I’ll sing it at the end of the midnight Mass in just three days! Incredible how the time flies. I love the photo of your dog. It really looks like a painting.


  5. A great post and I just love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with this version. 😀


  6. You need to try to get some pictures of the bobcat. Even living in nowhere NH I’ve never seen one.


    • Every time I meet him (I think it’s a him), he does something like land next to me on the deck, jumping off the roof, then he leaps another 30 feet to the lawn below the deck. I remember opening the door of the shed and out he sprang. I don’t have any idea how he got in there, but my heart nearly stopped. He dropped next to my son in the woodshed, causing another near heart attack. None of these have been photo ops. Even had I had a camera, I’d have been too startled to take a picture. But I live in hope. It may happen yet. Someday maybe while he’s occupied taunting the dogs and driving them crazy!

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  7. The bottom photo of the dog resembles one of the paintings of the old english masters. He would fit perfectly in the english series Downton Abbey. Bob cats resemble mini cheetahs. The most ferocious we have here at the moment are three mega crows which take a walk through the garden early in the morning. My cats go nowhere near them. I have other memories of silent night. My youngest sung in the cathedral boys choir and he had to sing at the midnight mess. I would go with him as I did not want him to walk home alone so late, so I sat through the whole mess. It was pleasant, but there was no sitting room and I had to stand through the whole show. the last on the list was Silent Night and my legs were tired. It was very impressive when they switched all the lights off in the cathedral with the singing of the choir, but I was tired.


    • Yes, that’s the way they seem to do silent night at all the churches. Very pretty — nice if the choir can actually sing on key. The bobcats around here are only slightly bigger (longer legged) than house cats, but much faster, stronger. They can jump 20, 30 feet at a single bound and my close encounters with them have startled me out of that extra 10 years of life. They are very serious and voracious hunters. Since they settled here, we have NO rabbits, NO squirrels and few chipmunks. I wish they’d eat more mice because we have plenty of them.

      I like church ritual. I just don’t believe any of it. Which makes me feel more than a little hypocritical being there at all, so now, I don’t go.


  8. Is Bonnie the Aussie??? She’s beautiful. Er, Bonny! Bobcats are great. We used to see one when we hiked in the mountains (CA) in the early morning. She was hunting for her cubs, I think. She almost always had a ground squirrel in her mouth.


    • Bonnie is the Scottie. Bishop is the Aussie and he is one handsome dude. Nan is the Norwich.

      Our bobcats are small compared to the ones out your way, but they are fast, strong, agile, and they eat a LOT. You only have one bobcat in an area at a time. We had a mother, and she had a litter, so she left and one of her offspring took over the territory. He hasn’t mated yet, far as I can tell. They have those light collecting eyes, so they look like they have lamps in their faces when you see them hunting at night. Very eerie.

      Liked by 1 person

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