Obama To Disband the Marine Corps (NOT)

I’m not sure if this is a new rule or it should be a corollary to the Murphy’s Law which states “Anything that sounds too good to be true is probably untrue.”  This law, simply stated, is “If it sounds unbelievable, don’t believe it.”

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You didn’t know this, did you?

On a flight home I sat in between two individuals,  a Marine and boxing promoter. The boxing guy was an older gentleman, and told interesting stories, such as meeting Don King. Both men were very pleasant and that helped make time pass on the flight. We were all combat veterans and all Southerners, so we had a lot in common. Then the discussion, inevitably, turned to politics.

The older guy turned to the Marine and said “You know Obama is getting rid of the Marine Corps, right?”

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

17 thoughts on “Obama To Disband the Marine Corps (NOT)”

  1. This kind of nonsense is unbelievable, yet it happens all the time. I wrote a post a few years ago. I was waiting to get a haircut (this was back when I still had hair to cut). My barber was telling the guy whose hair he was cutting at the time that (1) on page 125 of “the Obamacare law,” it plainly stated that Obama is a Muslim, (2) the federal government was buying cell phones and handing them out to the poor, and (3) Hawaii had confirmed that Obama’s birth certificate was a fraud. Of course, none of that was true, but the barber was quite convinced that it was and was passing in on to his customer, who seemed to be buying it all and was likely to pass that on to whoever would listen to him.

    It’s amazing that people pass on these kinds of unsubstantiated rumors so uncritically, and I’m not at all surprised that Fox News is as guilty of the same shameful crap as my barber.


    1. I am such a skeptic, this kind of gullibility seems impossible to me. I never believe anything or anyone without double and triple checking. Yet otherwise intelligent people will believe anything they read on the Internet or see on Fox? Yikes.

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        1. People like us are becoming extinct. Even people I would have sworn were smarter than that seem to believe everything and anything they hear or read or see on Fox. It must be something in the water!


  2. I worked the phones and IM for customer service for Healthcare.gov. As you might imagine, I got an earful of very interesting FACTS about the PotUS. One of my favorites was how (cringe) “Obamacare” required people to get computer chips implanted in the skin…


      1. Pardon me, I’m busy checking on a wire transfer of money from Africa. Need to find vitals to send along for confirmation.


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