Serenity - Weekly Photo Challenge, an image that defines serenity.

72-dreamscape-Peacham-Monday-early morn_018

It’s very early. Past dawn, but so early the morning mist still blankets the valley. The world is yawning, stretching. In less than an hour, the sun will be high in the sky. The mist will disperse. The trees will sparkle in the sunshine. For this brief interval, there is utter peaceful. The definition of serenity.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

26 thoughts on “DEFINING SERENITY”

    1. My walls are full. Not figuratively. Really. I have a ton of prints and art that’s I’ve been gifted with which I’d love to hang, but I have neither the money for proper framing, or a place to put anything. But maybe I will do a little “moving around” of stuff, take some pieces down and put others up in their place. I’ve been thinking of doing that for a while. None of the artwork, but my pictures. It seems like an awful lot of work, though.


  1. Beautiful photo, but we are used to your gorgeous pics. What I love here is your description of this pause between night and day. The yawn is a perfect comparison. Serenity at its best.


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