Pleased to Meet You – Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along?

skin game jim butcherDowntown Uxbridge. Late morning. Autumn. We would have met in a bar, but there are no bars in downtown Uxbridge. There are no restaurants either, unless you count Domino’s Pizza, which I don’t. There’s a take-out Chinese place, but not much of a place to sit and chat. The place I used to go a few years ago changed ownership and they no longer serve breakfast, just lunch. So … Dunkin Donuts it is. Everybody likes coffee.

They strolled in together. Even though they hadn’t been formally introduced, I think they knew each other. The funny vibe witches have, that both of them have. And all the leather gear, the spells in their pockets. The big gun on Harry’s hip. The splat gun on Rachel’s.

“Harry Dresden?” I said to the tall guy in the long, black, leather duster. He nodded. “I’d like you to meet Rachel Morgan.” I turned to the gorgeous red-head in the tight leather battle gear.

They looked each other up and down, appraising, obviously liking what they saw. “Hey,” said Rachel, “Like your wand.”

“Love your splat gun,” replied Harry.

UndeadPool kim harrison

Before I got a word in edgewise — something that rarely happens to me — they were talking shop. Spells. Magic circles. Wards. Dogs. Then they were laughing about spells gone wrong, the time Harry wound up dead. The time Rachel was turned into a ferret. How difficult relationships can be in the supernatural world … and how to avoid banshees. They exchanged cards. Harry pointed out that he is the only Wizard in the yellow pages. Rachel mentioned how she had saved the world … and not just once. Harry, feeling competitive, countered with an anecdote of how he had saved the world multiple times which segued into the story of how he had ridden that Tyrannosaurus Rex …

It was the greatest brunch I ever shared, and over too soon. They walked out arm in arm, still talking up a storm.

And I went home to the computer, to write the story.

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  1. Everybody likes coffee? LOL!

    I would take a glazed donut, though…


  2. Great, and all I get to hear is a discussion between William Tell and Helvetia


  3. Very stylish in approach, the speed with which Harry and Rachel entered, introduced, appreciated and walked out arms in arms kept me engrossed through out. No wonder you were tempted to write their story 🙂


    • I wish there were some new books by these authors to read. I miss Rachel. She was my favorite witch and Harry Dresden is by far my favorite wizard.

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      • You are such a powerful writer.Please don’t mind asking me that Whatever you mentioned in Teepee( the childhood horror stories) actually happened in your life or is it just a story? Oh God it should be a story only……


        • Everything happened. Sorry about that. The passage of years has thrown a bit of a mist over it. I left out a lot of things and I prefer to not dwell in the past. It’s over. The players are gone. My mother, my father, my brother … they have all passed now, and there’s not one but me to remember. The book is my remembrance. It was a very LONG time ago. I have moved on.


          • So sorry to know… words to express how I felt when I read that chapter and now when I know that it is a true story, really I prayed for another better sounding reply from you. It will take some time to let this awful feeling sink inside my heart. Right now I don’t know what to say….. you went through so much….health issues, sickness, mental agony, painful surgeries yet you survived it so bravely. Good to know you have moved on my brave granny 🙂 May God give you the needed strength. You are a true fighter Mrs. M A 🙂


            • Surviving isn’t bravery. I had only two choices. Survive — live — or die. I did what I needed to do to stay alive. I think that’s what most of us do. We do what we can to keep alive. What real choice is there?

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              • Suicides, drugs, crimes, rebel…… That’s what many people would opt for when they would have found themselves in hell… it so easy to forget the darkest part of your past and start fresh. I feel you are being modest to say that what you have done was no big deal. If survival is not bravery then the theory “survival of the fittest” would have lost its existence. Not all are fit to sail through against the tides. Bouncing back is not everybody’s cup of tea. You did it and that too so courageously. Cheers to the spirit. You must have inspired so many souls to kick back and move on.

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  4. All it needed was for Al to appear, get all jealous and pick a fight with Harry 🙂 Dunkin Donuts could be the new Junior’s!


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