Our intermittent connection problem went critical. We had been having connection issues since before Christmas, but I thought it was an outside problem. Charter being Charter, as it were.

netgear ac750 router

It took a bit of tracking down, but eventually, we realized that the old Linksys was in its sixth year, which for computer gear so critical to everything we use, is ancient. And it was failing.

Charter has been ramping up their broadband speed for the past year, so I knew it was likely the old router couldn’t handle the higher speed. But it was more than that. It was not broadcasting a strong enough signal. Diagnosis: Tired old router needs replacement and honorable retirement.

Amazon isn’t cheaper for everything, but for electronics, they usually have the best prices and selection. If you have Amazon Prime, they are offer the fastest delivery at no charge.

I’m a real fan of Amazon. They honor their promises. If you don’t get your package, they send another. If the product doesn’t work, they refund your money or send a replacement — your choice. They are nice when you call with a problem. Rather than go over to our local Best Buy or Walmart, we went online.

We were right. Amazon had great prices on a huge selection of routers. There were so many to choose from … and the technology has changed so much since the last time we installed a router … most of our time was spent trying to figure out what the descriptions meant, and which router was the right one for our house.

Owen said NetGear was easiest to install. Even though we’d been using Linksys for so many years. Since he was doing the installation, I saw no reason to argue the point.

We settled on NETGEAR AC750 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (R6050). At $81.99 plus tax, with free 2-day shipping, it seemed likely to do the job. We ordered it Saturday and surprise! It arrived this morning, Monday. No, I didn’t pay extra for speedy shipping. Amazon is very fast.

It’s installed. It took about an hour, including some hassling with the wireless printer and some more hassling with the Roku. There’s one more Roku in the bedroom I will have to reset plus three Kindles. Owen’s has hooked up his laptop and tablet. My three computers and Garry’s two are also up and running.

Do you think we have enough wireless stuff around here?

The router works really well. No dead spots in the house anymore! Not one, not anywhere. Finally, we have full coverage through both floors and in every room.

What could NetGear do to improve the experience? Provide better instructions!

Every problem we encountered was not a problem. It was just something for which no instructions or explanation is provided. I know everyone thinks tech writers are obsolete. I AM a tech writer. But seriously, folks. How much could it cost to hire a tech writer for a couple of days to write proper, English-language instructions? We work cheap!

Reading through reviews on Amazon, I’m betting 90% of the complaints were failures to understand what to do. Better instructions would solve the problem.

Can you say “Happy Ending?” Sometimes, things work out better than you expect. This is one of those times!


  1. Way back when we got the Nintendo Wii I remember all the complaints about routers and connecting it to wireless. It was a simple fix but you had to search for it. Those error codes are there for a reason sometimes!

    Anyway, I am glad you are back online! 😀


    • My next project — convince companies to actually include PRINTED instructions so you don’t have to be up and running before you can access “online instructions.” Has anyone actually thought about how dumb that is? It’s like our electric supplier who suggest you go to the web site if you have an outage to report. DUH.


  2. Hi Marilyn,
    I think the traffic on the internet has become enormous. I notice a lot more buffering going on. No wonder the equipment need an upgrade.


  3. Chuckling at how many gadgets you have, I’m there with you. My daughter has often said I have too many for one person, I however, love the ability to google at will!


    • 😀 I think we all have too many “devices” these days. They collect or maybe they breed in the dark! this is, of course, not counting camera equipment which could (in theory) be hooked into the WiFi network, but isn’t. Yet.

      But the thing is … I use them all. Some more than others, but I really do use them and everyone else uses theirs. We not only USE them, we depend on them. And that makes me just a bit nervous. WiFi seems a rather fragile platform to be so important.


      • You’re right! I’ve been in a couple places where I either have no signal or barely and I’m flummoxed. I too use each one, big computer, laptop, iPad and iPhone – don’t know what I would do without them (and it’s only me). I love technology and I’m hoping that staying abreast of it all keeps my mind clear!


        • The demand for WiFi is rapidly outstripping the ability of providers to support it. If we don’t improve infrastructure, it’s going to get ugly. It is getting ugly already, but slowly.


  4. Congrats on your new router. Amazon is the best. We use it all the time. It stops us from having to drive into Portland or so many things. And with Prime shipping is always free and simple. 🙂


    • This is also a very good home network router for a good price. I’m sure — assuming it were available at all in our local store — it would cost more and they would have all kinds of rules about returns. My favorite is you can’t return it if you already opened it. Well … how do you know whether or not it works if you don’t open it? That’s the equivalent of a “no return on electronics” policy. I LOVE Amazon 🙂


  5. Yay! I’m surprised there were any instructions at all. Half the time these days you need to get a product up and running in order to access the documentation.


    • I’ve always been a bit puzzled by that. I guess they don’t really think it through. I particularly like it when they have a whole book of instructions … and they have nothing to do with the product. They are all warning about the dangers of the product, mainly that you should not use whatever electronic item it is while immersed in the bath. It produced some bizarre images of lolling in the tub while configuring the router.


  6. I shop online at primarily two places, Amazon & B&H Camera in New York. You just can’t beat the service at either place. With my Prime account I ordered my new wrist strap for my camera Saturday. It’s already arrived and in on my camera. That’s two days over a 3 day holiday and they delivered it for free. Why drive all over town looking for the perfect strap?

    I’m lucky to have a networking genius for my best friend. I’m getting free internet as part of my rent so I have no say about the router or slow broadband service. It’s good enough for my needs. I’m happy your wi-fi used were so simply resolved. Considering all the gear hooked to your system you got a good deal.


    • When you eliminate the rest of the variables, it becomes simple to diagnose. Hard was figuring out which of the who-knows-how-many routers to buy. You can get routers for $19.99 or pay hundreds of dollars. This one has some nice features. It’s intended for people like us, who have a medium size house and a home network with a variety of devices. it has a USB port, which is a nice upgrade for us — and it is dual band, which means this computer is on the 5G band all by itself and it is boogying along nicely, probably because it has the band to itself.

      The router could really use better instructions. Good we know something about gear because it took some creative messing around to get the Roku and the wireless printer to work. A few more devices to go, but not today. Tomorrow. For less than $100? I’m satisfied.

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